ROOK PIERCING; Types, Placement, Procedure and Complications

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If you are someone who loves to have ear curations or wants to try different ear piercing combos, then this piercing is definitely for you and will add elegance to your appearance.  Rook piercing is an inner-ear piercing on the upper ridge area placed above the tragus in the

Fake Nose Ring Brining Stylish And Authentic Look

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Everyone likes to make themselves beautiful with wearing fantastic and fake nose ring to improve their status in life without any hassle. Nose ring acts as the most important art of jewelry that brings more beauty to the face. Nowadays the Nose rings are available in many different models,

Why Tongue Piercing Will Change Your Life

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Another type of piercing which is getting more popular these is tongue piercing. This is one of the most contemporary styles of piercing which you will see with many rock lovers, pop stars and college students. One must take time to give it more consideration before finalizing about having

Top 10 Most Popular Types of Ear Piercing

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Body piercing had emerged out to be one of the most ancient art forms that is enjoyed by both men and women of different tribes and religion all around the world. Out of all different forms of piercing, ear piercing is very popular among people. Boys generally opt for

25 Navel Piercing Ideas for Girls

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The fashion trend has lots of stuffs for the young girls to decorate their body parts and add beauty to theirs. As a part of our tradition and the practice that is done in almost all countries is that of the ear and nose piercing. The list gets extended

Helpful Tips for Pregnancy and Piercing Connection

Body piercing has become the trend among all the age groups. Body piercing is an art where the body is subjected to pain. The pain may vary from person to person however any decent studio will have a policy of not piercing or tattooing the pregnant women. The basic

Auricle piercing- Back in vogue

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Body piercing has always been around in different cultures as an idiosyncratic way to express one’s selves. Be it worn as a rebellion sign, a fashion style statement or just a cultural tradition but it has always been popular.  And lately, different kinds of body piercings have come up

Everything About Anti Eyebrow Piercing

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Beauty spots have had a special place in the glamour world, for many celebrities have donned such spots on their faces. Some have even gone to the extent of faking such spots by creating them with a pencil or any tool possible. Then why shall we not try and

Get yourself Conch Piercing this season

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Piercings symbolize swag and style in today’s era. No one is complete with a piercing flaunting on their eyebrow ends, ears, lips, tongue, etc. Before you head for a conch piercing on your ear, you got to know the details and their types that can add a dimension to your

18 Sexy Collar Bone Piercing Examples With Basic Know How

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Looking for a cool yet rare style statement? A collar bone piercing is your catch. It is definitely not for everyone as it is a unique style statement that not everyone can pick up. Body piercing is becoming the ultimate style quotient for cool kids in the school and