Auricle piercing- Back in vogue

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Body piercing has always been around in different cultures as an idiosyncratic way to express one’s selves. Be it worn as a rebellion sign, a fashion style statement or just a cultural tradition but it has always been popular.  And lately, different kinds of body piercings have come up and are back in fashion which we thought are all dead from the mainstream fashion. Various fashion icons and celebrities are all opting for this body modification and making themselves appear on page 3. Most of them went for Auricle Piercing at-least once in life time.

Auricle Piercing

One of the recently talked about and much famous body piercing is the auricle piercing. Auricle piercing as the name suggests is the perforation of the auricle which is the outer part of the ear. It is between the earlobe and the helix. As the auricle is one of the perfect and best spots on the body to flaunt fancy and stylish rings, this kind of piercing has become quite popular amongst the youngsters and has become a fashion trend.

How is auricle piercing done?

If you have made up your mind to get auricle piercing done, then it is highly important for you to first select a licensed parlour which is authorised to do piercing. The desired spot where you would like to get your piercing done is cleaned properly and the exact point is marked with the help of a pen before going further ahead with the process. Then the professional uses a sterilised gauge needle and passes it through the auricle by inserting the jewellery in the process. At many places piercing gun is also used but is it recommended to avoid that as it may not be hygienic enough.

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Pain in the process of auricle piercing

Auricle piercing is a cartilage piercing and people who have a low tolerance for pain might feel the pain more than the others. Although, the entire process depends on the skill and expertise of the artist performing the procedure. But in most cases mild swelling, bleeding, soreness and bruising around the piercing spot is experienced, although it disappears in a psn of one or two weeks.


After care of auricle piercing:

Some tips are necessary to be followed for after care:

  • You should clean the piercing area with a cotton ball dipped in lukewarm water.
  • While taking a shower it is better to use a mild soap for rinsing the area.
  • For drying the piercing area it is recommended to sue hygienic paper products.
  • Avoid sleeping on the pierced side.
  • Neglect moving or rotating the pierced jewellery.
  • Do not expose the piercing area to any kind of spray, lotion, ointment or any cosmetic products.
  • Maintain hygiene by changing bed and pillow covers regularly.


Variations in auricle piercing

There are two variations in auricle piercing.

One is double auricle piercing where two perforations exist on the auricle and the other is triple auricle piercing where three piercings are done. The triple piercing usually takes more time to heal because of three piercings but looks attractive and beautiful.

If you are planning to try something different and want to make it a style statement then auricle piercing is one of the trendiest options you can opt for. With two variations you can pick any suturing your style and make yourself notice by everyone.

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