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Why Tongue Piercing Will Change Your Life

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Another type of piercing which is getting more popular these is tongue piercing. This is one of the most contemporary styles of piercing which you will see with many rock lovers, pop stars and college students. One must take time to give it more consideration before finalizing about having

Top 10 Most Popular Types of Ear Piercing

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Body piercing had emerged out to be one of the most ancient art forms that is enjoyed by both men and women of different tribes and religion all around the world. Out of all different forms of piercing, ear piercing is very popular among people. Boys generally opt for

25 Navel Piercing Ideas for Girls

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The fashion trend has lots of stuffs for the young girls to decorate their body parts and add beauty to theirs. As a part of our tradition and the practice that is done in almost all countries is that of the ear and nose piercing. The list gets extended

Helpful Tips for Pregnancy and Piercing Connection

Body piercing has become the trend among all the age groups. Body piercing is an art where the body is subjected to pain. The pain may vary from person to person however any decent studio will have a policy of not piercing or tattooing the pregnant women. The basic

Ear Piercing For Kids: Complete Manual

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Ear piercing has become a prevalent these days. It is one of the oldest practices followed by people during much younger age. In this technique, a very small opening is done in ears so that any piece of jewellery earrings could be inserted into it.  There are some general

25+ Stylish Piercing Jewelry Ideas

At the present time, everything gets changed. And with the time the fashion also gets changed. As the fashion change the people’s choice related to the fashion and jewelry also changed. In a similar manner, the fashion jewelry as well as the fashion trend find its own and different

30 Sexy Medusa Piercing Examples

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A medusa piercing is quite similar to the labret and can be found below the nose on the top lip. It is done in the philtrum, which is the small indent just below your nose. Normally a labret is used as jewelry in such piercings. Since the piercing involves

25 Sexy Monroe Piercing Ideas

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This is normally a piercing on the lip that is placed slightly off center just above the upper part of the lip on the left side. The way this looks is supposed to resemble the beauty spot that Marilyn Monroe Piercing had and the one that supposedly drove men

Back Dimple Piercing (10 Examples)

With body piercings becoming immensely popular, there are newer options for locations to be pierced, coming out on a daily basis. One of the areas that has become popular, especially among women is the piercing of the Back Dimple. The back dimple piercing is also often called the Venus

20 Styles of Viper Bite Piercings

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Well , first of all the we must all agree that names given to lip piercings are indeed very interesting like the snake bites, the spider bites among others. But one of the most fascinating names is the viper bite piercing. This may due to the fact that in