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20 Different styles of Play piercing: Defined

Have you heard of play piercing? Always wanted to know more , but were not sure where to go or whom to ask? Well this article will tell you more about this. We hope you will have a better understanding of this kind of piercing on reading this article.

11 Vital Tips For Aftercare Of Body Piercings

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We are sure that when you get a body piercing the first inclination is to be excited and the next instinct is to show it off. While this is all fine and you need to enjoy the first excitement of the body piercing, you also need to remember that

20 Ultimate Ideas of Wrist Piercing

As you are very much aware body piercing has really become a hot topic with many forums and venues with more information coming out about it. It is like it was in the past when not much was not known about the various types of piercing possibilities. Today the

25 Industrial Piercing Examples

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As we all know body piercing has become a cool thing is no longer viewed with quite the kind of disapproval that it used to have a few years back. On the positive side it also means that there is a lot more information about the care procedure and

20 Cyber Bite Piercings Ideas

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Most of the body parts that can be pierced are being pierced today, we can go so far as to say that even some that are not so easy to pierce are also being pierced. But the common ones that are more visible are the lip, the tongue the

Important Nose Piercing Tips to Know

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Nose piercings have a huge history behind them and getting a nose pierced is supposed to add to the beauty of your face. In history you will find references to this even in the Book of Genesis. Nomadic tribes like the Beya and Berbers of Africa along with the

10 Different Styles of Gothic Piercings

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Goths are easy enough to distinguish due to their overall distinct style of dressing and this applies to their piercings too. What this means is that the gothic style of piercings are not different by themselves, but they way they look sure is. But that is the way most

25 Fake Piercing Ideas, Cool and Real

If you are considering getting a piercing, we know that it is a big deal and quite a permanent decision. Often we find that when we get a piercing, it freaks people (mainly parents) out. Plus we may not be sure that it is something that you want to

20 Spider Bites Piercing Examples

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The piercing of lips is something that has picked up a lot in popularity and more and more people are into this type of body modification. Many a time a ring or a stud would be put to fit in the skin of the lip. There are many ways

20 Tongue Piercing Ideas

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Today if you take a look around you, you will be able to tell at a glance that piercing and other bodily modifications are quite popular. It naturally follows that people who are into this kind of thing should look for newer piercings that make things even more thrilling.