Back Dimple Piercing (10 Examples)

With body piercings becoming immensely popular, there are newer options for locations to be pierced, coming out on a daily basis. One of the areas that has become popular, especially among women is the piercing of the Back Dimple. The back dimple piercing is also often called the Venus piercing. It is indeed a sweet spot for piercing as it can look really adorable when displayed by a shapely woman wearing low waist jeans.

The back dimple is the area that is just above the butt area and this curve is especially alluring as it is considered one of the main marks of femininity. Lot many young ladies who want to flaunt their lower back area with jeans, skirts and shorts cut to reveal the curve and piercing are getting this done.

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Here are some facts related to back dimple piercings:

  • Due to the exact positioning of the back dimple piercing, it is difficult to take care of
  • The location also makes the back dimple piercing more vulnerable to getting caught on clothing and other things causing pain, discomfort and also increasing the risk of infections
  • The option that some people have come up is that they go for a micro dermal piercing instead of the full body implant. Under this process one part of is anchored under the skin layer and the other portion is visible on top of the skin. Another advantage with this variation is that the piercing is quite easy to remove in case this is needed
  • During the process when the healing is taking place, people with back dimple piercings are often advised to sit with proper posture and keep away from wearing tighter clothes till such time the healing is completely healed.

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You will find that a back dimple piercing is definitely going to make you look hotter and increase your being-cool-quotient. More Ideas for Back Dimple Piercing have compiled here:

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Sexy Tops And Jeans Simply Add To Its Beauty More And More. Popularly These Days This Back Dimple Piercing Have So Many Things To Do Make It More Creative Adding In Your Hair Colors Also Give It A Touch Of Art To Show Your Body Sexier Than Anybody Else. This Piercing Shows The Love For You To Your Body And Makes Your Figure More Catchy And Sexy.
Eventually, This Back Dimple Piercing Throws A Look Not To Mess Up With Your Sexier Style.


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Adding Some Tattoos To Your Back Dimple Piercing Make It Look Hotter And Sexy. For Example, A Ribbon Or Firebird Or Anything In Between The Space Of Back Dimple Piercing Makes It Look More Attractive And Forced Everyone’s Eye To Catch That Sexy Look. Because Of Its Sexy Location, You Can Add Up So Many Things To Make It Look More Attractive. Full Back Tattoos Like Flying Angel Are Very Popular These Days. This Piercing Adds Some Beauty Or Touch Not Only To Your Body But Also To Your Tattoos And Your Looks. Going To A Beach Or Any Pool Parties This Piercing Forced Everyone To Look At Your Beautiful And Sexy Body Figure.

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This Piercing Got His Own Unique Look And Style. Nowadays Where The Piercing Is A Part Of A Style In This New Era. You Can Call It May Be Vulgar Or Cruel But It’s Going Be A Part Of Our Modern Era And Growing In Youths Day By Day. People Liking It More And More And Pierce Their Bodies To Show Them Self More Attractive And Creative. On The Other Hand, Piercing Is Also A Part Of A Culture In Some Tribes. In Some Tribes Piercing And Stretching Their Ears, Nose Or Lips Look Them More Spiritual Or Aggressive.

Apart Coming On This Back Dimple Piercing Gives Piercing A Turn Of Sexiest And Hottest Trend. As I Say Before You Can Touch Up This Piercing With So Many Things To Add Up In It Like Tattoos, Sexy Upper Tops, Jeans. Sexy Belts And Long Hair With Colors. This Piercing Is Very Attractive If Low Cut Jeans Are Worn. Back Dimple Piercing Is Typically Done In Pairs, But You May Wish To Have A Single Piercing Or More Than Two Piercings Done At Your Lower Back.




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There Is Always Some Side Effects Of Every Piercing So As Effects Of This Back Dimple Piercing If We Handle This Piercing With Some Extra Care We Can Make It Last Long Safier And Painless Experience To Our Body And Mind. As Its Has Been Done On The Back So It Is More Difficult To Care It While You Sleeping Or Sitting On A Chair. So Always Follow All The Instruction Carefully In The Early Period Of Your Piercing. Make Sure To Clean Your Studs After 2 Or 3 Weeks Of Healing With An Antiseptic Solution. Don’t Use Any Makeup Or Harmful Solutions If Your Skin Dry During The Healing Periods. So This Piercing We Can Say Is A Pain With Gain Beauty.


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The Most Common Jewelry Used For The Back Dimple Piercing Is The Dermal Anchor. This Type Of Jewelry Is Very Safe For This Kind Of Piercing Because Of Its Low Risk Of Rejection And Allergies. Most Used Piercing Jewelry For Back Dimple Piercing Is The Dermal Anchor And In This Jewelry, Their Are Lots Of Varieties. Titanium Steel. Surgical Steel And Sterling Silver Is Some Of Them. To Add Some More Beauty To Your Piercing You Can Use Color Anchors. There Are So Many Color Options. Black Disc Topped Dermal Anchor Are One Of These Kinds. There Is Also Some Stone And Jeweled Choices In Different Shapes Too With Different Color Choices That Suit To Your Daily Wear Or Party Wear Styles. The Best Advantage For The Tattoos On Your Back Is That With This Piercing You Can Do So Many Creative Things And Beauty Tricks With Colored Dermal Anchors. As This Piercing Is Situated On The Back So Extra Care To Your Back By Clean It Regularly And Properly Make Your Beauty More Attractive And Give You Sexy Looks Last Forever.


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