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Are you seeking for fun and ideal ways to adorn your body? The stylish, sparkling barbell piercings would just be your exceptional ways of self-expression. Do you ever wonder how barbell piercings have been called so? This kind of barbell piercing resemble the look of weightlifting barbells, thus the name, however, the shape has much more to do with ergonomics. These barbells comprise of a straight bar having a small bead at each end.

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Usually, one of the beads is attached or fixed, whereas the other is removable in order to accommodate the removal for further changes. It would come as a surprise; however these piercings have been famous among the tribal groups in a place called Borneo for more than hundred years. Modern resurrection took place around the 1970s while the legendary American designer made them a range in the US.

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Size, shapes and of barbell piercing

When it comes to barbell piercing sizes, the size of the barbells is typically measured by means of gauge having smaller posts with higher gauges and vice-versa. Initial piercings are done normally with 14 gauge barbell.  Once the barbell piercing gets healed, wearers can use a long barbell as an alternative instead of a smaller one or choose a stretched version in order to accommodate jewelry. While speaking about the shapes, there are different shapes to pick from including the very basic straight barbell, circular barbells, curved barbells and banana or J-curved barbells. Particular shapes are more perfect for particular body areas than the others. For instance, the straight barbell is typically seen in tongue and ear piercings, whereas the circular barbell is quite commonly found in nasal septum piercing. The J-curved barbell is the most popular option for navel piercings.



Materials and embellishments for barbell jewelry

Barbell jewelry is seen in different shapes of metal as well as non-metal options. The starter piercings necessitate surgical grade metals like stainless steel for appropriate healing. Titanium is the preferable option for users with sensitive skin or allergic issues. Many people prefer plastic to get done with tongue piercings so as to avoid the damage to teeth when they eat. Acrylic and BioFlex are among the most hygienic, safest non-metallic options available. Barbells are typically available with huge varieties of aesthetic embellishments to fit all types of tastes. Right from dangling barbell piercing belly button to erotic tongue rings, they are the suitable way to create your own style statement. Picture inlays, colorful gems, logos, clay flowers can all be integrated as embellishments. The beads at either end are also made available in many designs like discs, cylinders, and triangles.



A time walk with Barbell piercing jewelry

Body or body parts jewelries are the most sought after ornamentation since ancient times. Piercing body for traditional, ritual and modern trends is in practice for centuries. Starting from nose piercing and common ear piercing, the recent trend is barbell piercing eyebrow, nipple, belly, and tongue. In the initial times, tongue piercing was done for traditional reasons, while now such piercing is done for style and fashion trend. You can find an enormous range of tongue rings and barbells, created out of different materials for tongue and body piercing. In the recent days, tongue rings are usually made from surgical steel, silicon barbells, solid titanium and Acrylic UV.

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Girls and boys, who wish to flow with the recent style and trend of body piercing, can seek the huge collection of barbells designed as signs and words, logo, jeweled, unique styles, flower, heart, dice, skull, cherry and much more. The barbell piercing jewelry is also made of the best materials like titanium anodized, PTFE and Bio-Flex and gold plated. The SG steel balls render thrilling experience and great fun clicking with teeth due to the regular movement of tongues.

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Where to get barbell piercing jewelries?

Tongue piercing and barbell piercing jewelries are made available in the local market stores and online, however, the selection and variety of online stores are countless, because of the worldwide customer base. Even the designs, quality, types and styles of barbell piercing jewelry in the sites are special and unique since people from everywhere across the world with ideal preferences and tastes access these websites for their choice with body jewelry parts. The online stores also provide an easy approach to jewelry designers and best craftsman from various parts of the world.

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The hottest designs introduced by the renowned jewelers are available immediately for buyer viewings and larger audience. The craftsman also can find the best online form, from where the products can be introduced to a wider customer base. A buyer purchasing this barbell piercing in ear must take proper precautions since tongue rings and barbells are employed for body piercing, while body safety should always be taken into account. There are different online sites that offer cheap or fake body part jewelries for higher revenue earnings and greater sale.

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How barbell piercing enhance your look?

If you want to improve your features and like to get body piercing done, barbells will offer an appealing look to you. The trend of barbell piercing is catching up fast among the youngsters. Barbells are of different kinds. This type of piercing jewelry consisted of a straight bar and have a bead on every end, with one or both the ends not screwable for removal and to change the beads. Very often, one of the beads will be fixed, either by welding or epoxy, so that one of the beads is used to remove or install the jewelry. Barbells threads are normally right-handed. This kind of jewelry is a bit more expensive than that of threaded jewelry. It is because of the fact that additional labor and matching is involved in this kind of jewelry.

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Before approaching any store for barbell piercing, you should ensure that they have huge experience and also have performed piercing successfully. You can have them in a metal of your own choice including gold, silver or some other. You can also obtain more information about this type of jewelry by searching online. You can find more details about this type of jewelry by searching online that would assist you to decide on the kind of jewelry you want to get pierced.

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