35 Ultimate Ideas For Belly Piercing to try this year

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Body piercing is touching the sky of popularity these days. People choose any part of their body to stick a needle through in order to make them look cool and different. A very unique trend which is getting eminent with the advancement in fashion is belly or naval piercing that gives a very nice look, if done properly.

But one thing that is equally important as the look is to get ensured about the safety of the body while piercing the belly button. Do not opt to follow the advice of your friends blindly when you are learning the ropes. It is important to gain knowledge about this process completely before going for it in order to avoid infections or other problems.

The best sources of knowledge are internet and books that provide you the best ways and tips to pierce your naval safely. It is necessary to research before getting the procedure done in order to avoid the problems that may lead to some sort of serious repercussions from piercing.


Cleaning of the belly button with germicidal soap.

Before getting the procedure started, make sure that your belly button is cleaned with a germicidal soap. No needle should be inserted into your button area until it is cleaned properly.

1Sterilization of the needles:

It is very necessary to sterilize the needles or points of any object before they touch your body or get inserted in it. This minimizes the risks of infections.



Sterilization of the Jewellery:

That you are going to wear should also be sterilized as it may also carry germs that can cause any sort of infection in the body.


Post piercing care:

After getting the piercing done, avoid clothing over the belly button area so that the healing process do not get hampered. If clothing is necessary, then go for the looser clothes so that it gets the minimum contact with the pierced area.


How to get relief from the piercing pain?

The best way to relieve from the piercing pain is to apply the ice over the pierced area as it will numb the pain and also, stops the circulation of blood in the particular area.

How to prevent infection?

Do not forget to wash and cleanse your hands with an antiseptic soap again and again so that the germs that stick to them are killed before they come in contact with the pierced area. This take is very necessary because it is a reality that your hands will voluntarily touch the pierced area. Follow this tip surely during the healing process.

5Serious symptoms from belly piercing

Belly piercing can sometimes be accompanied with seepage, swelling, soreness and lately, an ongoing fever. If you are also experiencing these factors, immediately consult a doctor.

This is the reason that it is always advised not to get such piercings done from a street corner but from a professional.

Piercing with Tattoo

Yes, you heard it right. It is a very powerful and effective combination to get a naval piercing with tattoo. With a vast variety of jewelleries, you can get the desired result with this wonderful and compelling combination. Don’t forget to check out these Belly Button Rings

belly piercingAnd the most important fact to choose this combination is that naval is the best place to show off, and gives a very flattering and gorgeous look to your body. So, blend your piercing with a tattoo to take it to a new level.

Enjoy, Not Regret

The experience of piercing should be an enjoyment and should add in your sweet memories not in bitter ones. In order to ensure this, follow the simple tips and precautions so that you have a safe piercing experience.

Small careless mistakes can lead you to regret later if they result in any serious problem or infection. So, it is better to take the easy precautions, enjoy the result and get that gorgeous jewellery to show off your artwork.

Some of the Belly Button Piercings different style are showing below:

belly piercing (1)


There Are So Many Creative Ways To Show Your Belly Piercing More Attractive And Catchy.One Of The Most Famous Is Give Your Belly Piercing A Touch Of Tattoos To Make It More Visible. Tattoos Are Always The Best Way To Give Your Piercing A Sexy Look. Tattoos Are  Also One Of The Safer Ways To Make Your Piercing More Attractive And Hot Looking. Tattoos Around The Belly Piercing Or With Any Famous Logos There Are Always So Many Options  To Show Up Your Creative Skills With The Belly Piercing.


belly piercing (3)

belly piercing (4)

belly piercing (5)


There Is Always Advantages And Disadvantages Of Every Piercing. So Showing Up Some Light If You Going For The Tattoo Options For The Belly Piercing. Or If You Did Your Piercing Recently. You Must Have To Follow The Safety Steps Carefully. Don’t Tattoo Your Belly Near The Piercing Area In The Recent Days When Your Piercing Is Done Because Your Piercing Is Going On The Healing Days And If You Tattoo Your Belly In Those Days. There Is Always A Danger Of Infection In The Piercing Area Or It Takes A Long Time For Healing According To Its Normal Days. So If You Want To Tattoo Your Belly Do It Before The 2 Or 3 Weeks Before The Belly Piercing. You Must Have To Give Your Belly Piercing A Time Of 2 Or 3 Weeks Healing Time When You Decided To Be Done Your Belly Piercing.You Have To Prepare Your Mind And Body Together To Make This Piercing A Safer And Wonderful Experience.


belly piercing (6)

belly piercing (7)

belly piercing (8)

belly piercing (9)

belly piercing (10)

belly piercing (11)

belly piercing (12)


As We Talk About So Many Creative Ways Before. There Are Labert Options And Dermal Anchor Piercing Options Are Also Their. Now Days Where Their Is No End Of Designs In Piercing Jewelry Them You Can Find So Many New Designs In Belly Piercing Too. Dermal Anchor Piercing Around The Belly Is Very Popular These Days .  As You Can See On The Pictures Different People Use Their Design According To Their Creative Ideas And Popularity.


belly piercing (13)

belly piercing (14)

belly piercing (15)

belly piercing (16)

belly piercing (17)

belly piercing (18)

belly piercing (19)


belly piercing (20)

Mostly Often You See For The Belly Piercing People Used Chains And Bands All Around Their Waist To Give It The Honour Of Arabic And Egyptian Culture. It Is Very Popular And Always A Choice Of Various People Among Every Nation. This Type Of Chain Design Is Very Famous In Arabic Areas Where Belly Dancers Used These Chains In Their Belly Piercing To Make It Look More Attractive And Sexy. The Chain Design Is Always A No Regret Design With No Pain Experience. The Chain Among Your Waist Shows The Sexy And Hotter Figure Of You More Catchy With The Belly Piercing. This Chain Design Make Your Belly Piercing More Visible And Attracted Everyone Towards Your Sexy Looks.


belly piercing (21)

belly piercing (22)

belly piercing (23)

belly piercing (24)

belly piercing (25)

belly piercing (26)

belly piercing (27)

belly piercing (28)

belly piercing (29)

belly piercing (30)

belly piercing (31)belly piercing (2)

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