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Facial piercings have become immensely popular in today’s world. Which in a way is a really good thing as you will find qualified people to do the piercings in a neat, hygienic and professional way. This ensures that the risk of contamination and poor methods is reduced. Going to a good place for your piercing also means that you will have good guidance on the after care of the piercing along with the care that you have to take.

Bridge piercing (1)

What is bridge piercing? Also known as the Erl, it is a horizontal bar that is placed across the bridge of the nose. It is categorized as a piercing on the surface as most folks do not have that much flesh for the jewelry to be embedded to in this particular area.  This also makes  the risk of rejection of migration to be higher.

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The ideal bit of jewelry that can be used on a bridge piercing is the small curved barbell as the straight barbell may create too much tension on the edges of the fistula and also enhance the occurrence of migration.

As opposed to what people believe, a bridge piercing will not make you cross eyed as confirmed by many people having Erl piercings. In fact most of them say that they tend to forget that the piercing is even there.  In case you find that the jewelry is visible when you look from the corner of the eye, it means that the bar is longer than it should be.  The rule is that it should be no more visible than your nose is.

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Another thing is that it does not hinder the donning of sunglasses or any type of glasses. Just ensure that you get the piercing to be high enough and you will be quite comfortable. What the starting gauge of your piercing will be, has to be defined by the person doing the piercing. He/she will make a judgment based on the tissue you have in this particular place. A larger gauge will be more comfortable and the chances of rejection are also lesser, though there is no guarantee of this.

Bridge piercing (30)

It is vital that you keep the pierced place away from makeup, harsh soap and cleansers and any hair products during the beginning stages of healing. This is likely to be anywhere between 8 weeks to 12 weeks.  During that time you may change to curved barbell that is slightly shorter in case you feel the need. You have to know that it will add to the healing period of the inner tissue by several weeks.

Now that you have some information about bridge piercing, you are in a better position to make an informed decision.

you may love to check Bridge Piercing example below:

Bridge piercing (2)

Bridge piercing (3)

As We Know This Piercing Has Been Done In The Most Important Area Face So We Have To Prepare Our Mind And Body For This Piercing Properly. Aftercare Of Your Bridge Piercing Is Highly Important. This Piercing Is Done Right Above The Nose Between The Area In Your Eyebrows. So This Part Is Very Sensitive And Most Important Area Because It’s Near Your Both Eyes Too. To Prevent Any Damage To Your Face You Have To Consider About Your Safety First By Following The Aftercare Instructions Of This Piercing Carefully. You Can Make This Piercing A Safer Experience And Unforgettable Experience Bu Following Just Simple Steps Carefully.However It Usually Lasts Between 8-12 Weeks At The Very Most To Fully Heal. After This Time, You Can Easily Change Jewelry And Move To A Smaller Or Shorter Curved Barbell If You Prefer. Keep In Mind That The Inner Tissue Will Not Yet Be Healed So Be Careful Of How You Remove And Rotate The New Jewelry.
This Piercing Is Done On The Upper Part Of Your Nose So It’s Always Necessary To Avoid Sunglasses Or Use Contact Lenses. If You Want To Use Sunglasses Do This Piercing Little Above On Your Nose Or Upper Then The Place Where The Glasses Hold The Point Of Settle.


Bridge piercing (4)

Bridge piercing (5)
This Piercing Is Very Unique Not Because Of Its Location As Well For Its History. Commonly Known As Erl Piercing It Got His History From The Tribes Where Older People Or The Head People Of Tribe Area Do This Piercing To Show Them Most Powerful Among The Others Or Give Them A Different Look. They Use Big Thin Wooden Sticks For This Piercing. This Types Of Tribe Mostly Found In Africans Areas Near The Nile River Or Some Part Of Pacific Islands. In India Women Used Bindi Similar To This Piercing As A Part They Did Not Do Any Piercing On Their Face They Use Only The Sticky Colourful Sticker In Round Shaped Between The Eyebrows Above The Nose.


Bridge piercing (7)

Bridge piercing (9)

Bridge piercing (10)

In The Cases Of The More Popular Varieties, The Design Of Bridge Piercing  Is Very Wildly But They Look Cute, Though. Commonly For Bridge Piercing The Barbell Jewelry Is Most Liked By The Men And Women Both. The Barbell Is The Best Option For This Piercing Because Of Its Size And Heaps Of Options In Color And Shapes. The Success Rate Of This Piercing Is Depending On The Match To Your Facial Characteristics. Also, A Smaller Gauge Barbell Will Always Look Cuter! Browse For Cute Nose Piercings Inspiration Below:

Bridge piercing (11)


This Bridge Piercing Has So Many Ways To Modify It In Your Style And Choice. Nowadays People Make It A Part Of Their Fashion Apart Some People Use It As Holding The Eye Wear Glasses Without Using Any Strips Touch To Their Ears. They Use Bridge Piercing As The Holding Point On Both Sides Of Their Piercing To Hold The Glasses Fixed Properly. It Gives You A Different And Catchy Look As Because Of Its Unique Design Of No Strips Attach To Your Glasses. Its Also Give Comfort To Your Ear And Nose As Well.
In Short Their Are So Many Ways To Set Your Trend In This New Fashion Era.

Bridge piercing (12)

Bridge piercing (13)

Bridge piercing (14)

Bridge piercing (15)

Bridge piercing (16)

Bridge piercing (17)

Bridge piercing (18)

Bridge piercing (19)

Bridge piercing (20)

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Bridge piercing (22)

Bridge piercing (23)

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In The End, As We See There Are So Many Creative Ways To Make This Piercing Look Attractive And Cool. There Is No Other Point That This Piercing Is Very Unique In Its Own Ways.It Not Only Give You The Different Looks From Others And Also Gives You Sexy Feeling Inside You. The Place Of This Piercing Is Very Visible So There Is So Many Options In This Piercing Jewelry. So Go Ahead And Find To Make Your Piercing Look Different And Unique In Its Ways.

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