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Top 10 Most Popular Types of Ear Piercing

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Body piercing had emerged out to be one of the most ancient art forms that is enjoyed by both men and women of different tribes and religion all around the world. Out of all different forms of piercing, ear piercing is very popular among people. Boys generally opt for

Auricle piercing- Back in vogue

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Body piercing has always been around in different cultures as an idiosyncratic way to express one’s selves. Be it worn as a rebellion sign, a fashion style statement or just a cultural tradition but it has always been popular.  And lately, different kinds of body piercings have come up

Get yourself Conch Piercing this season

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Piercings symbolize swag and style in today’s era. No one is complete with a piercing flaunting on their eyebrow ends, ears, lips, tongue, etc. Before you head for a conch piercing on your ear, you got to know the details and their types that can add a dimension to your

25 Industrial Piercing Examples

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As we all know body piercing has become a cool thing is no longer viewed with quite the kind of disapproval that it used to have a few years back. On the positive side it also means that there is a lot more information about the care procedure and

25 Fake Piercing Ideas, Cool and Real

If you are considering getting a piercing, we know that it is a big deal and quite a permanent decision. Often we find that when we get a piercing, it freaks people (mainly parents) out. Plus we may not be sure that it is something that you want to

25 Snug Piercing Examples

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Today you will see that piercing of body parts is something in the way of art that involves using your own body as a canvas. Earlier on the most commonly seen piercing was that of the ear lobes and that too predominantly among women. That is no longer the

30 Dermal piercing Ideas

Dermal piercing can be defined as piercings that are put into the flat surface of the human body. The way these differ from the other piercings is that the jewelry has an entry point and an exit point, but in dermal piercing has just one end that can be

30 Rook Piercing Ideas

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A rook piercing can be described as a piercing of the anti helix area of the ear. This portion is just above the tragus, on the ridge in between the outer and inner conch shaped part of the ear. The piercing will pass from the part underneath and go

25 Cool Ideas For Tragus Piercings

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Today the act of piercing any body part is not viewed with quite the condemnation or contempt that it had a few years ago. More and more youngsters feel free to experiment with body piercings as a way of mingling with their peers or experimenting with their looks. While