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Why Use The Industrial Bar Piercing For Your Fashionable Look

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Industrial Piercing is called as the Bar, Construction Piercing or Scaffold Piercing is 2 pierced holes that are connected with the single straight jewelry piece. The industrial bar piercing referred as the double perforation specifically in the upper ear cartilage. Industrial Piercing is normally suitable for any 2 or

Forward Helix Earrings – The Stylish Earring With Awesome Collection

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Earring is the piece of jewellery that is attached to ear through piercing in the earlobe or through piercing in external part of the ear. Earrings are the most important ornaments that would give a beautiful and elegant look. Without wearing the earrings, you would not get a complete

Discover the Fabulous Selections of Snug Piercing Jewelry

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Snug piercing involves the perforation of antihelix, which remains as the innermost ridge of ear cartilage, little above anti-tragus. To get this interesting body piercing, you should have a great inner cartilage ridge.The perfect spot to accentuate some fabulous jewelry piece is the antihelix. Snug piercings can quite much

Explore the 8 Stunning Styles of Helix Piercing Earrings

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Helix Piercing Earrings looks highly effective; however it has to be done by a knowledgeable and reliable piercer in order to avoid any potential issues. Helix piercing is not the most prevalent type of ear piercing since earlobe is the definitely the famous ear piercing. But, helix piercing has

6 Marvelous Daith Piercing Jewelry Items For All Tastes

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Daith piercing is a unique type of ear piercing, which is otherwise known as cartilage piercing. This is one of the highly preferred and most popular piercing techniques which gain more recognition among stylish individuals because of its unbelievable benefits. Daith piercing is used to get safe relief from

Top 7 Classy Conch Piercing Jewelry To Get A Lovely Look

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Ear piercing is one of the most favorite and highly preferred piercing processes that provide people more unique and sophisticated appearance. There are different types of ear piercing available, but conch piercing attracts lots of individuals towards it due to its specialized features. While speaking about the conch piercing,

6 Trendy Helix Piercing Jewelry To Improve Your Personality

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The helix or cartilage piercing is a hole of upper ear or helix for a purpose of inserting as well as wearing an excellent jewelry piece.  There are different types of helix piercing available, so you can get the right one as per your individual requirements. While speaking about

7 Best Designs of Piercing Studs To Become A Trendsetter

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Piercing is the most stylish and fashionable choice among the youngsters, it is the ideal form of body modification.  In order to get unique look most of the people looking for the body piercing. Now it becomes exceptionally popular trend equally among all age groups, people prefer to get

5 Unique Charming Appeal of Industrial Piercing Jewelry

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Industrial piercing has become more popular nowadays among people, especially among those who are interested in body piercing practices. Industrial piercing involves the combined form of facial art work and self expression. A special feature that makes industrial piercing ideal is that it deals with double piercing holes at

Top 7 Tragus Piercing Jewelry With Brilliant Designs

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Tragus piercing is now regarded as the most common kind of ear piercing preferred by majority of piercing enthusiasts. Ear piercings are quite familiar form of body piercings, in which tragus piercings remain as the fresh expression of the ordinary ear lobe piercings. The tragus is a thick small