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Look Stunning With Unique Gold Earrings in 2016

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f you have decided to get your ear pierced, then you might consider the type of jewelry you want to wear. Though there are earrings made with different types of metal, nothing could compete with Gold Ear Piercing which can add final touch to any outfit you wear. It is

Create The Illusion Of Big Ear Lobes With Ear Plugs Ear Piercing

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Most of the people will usually have their ears pierced just to the standard size and this prevents them from wearing fashionable earrings with thicker post. However, there is an effective way to try out earrings with thicker posts. For this, one should approach a professional piercer who can

Quick Info for Tragus Piercing with Jewelry Ideas

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The term ‘tragus’ is meant for the oval shaped small cartilage flap placed right outside the canal of the ear. Piercings made to this part of the ear are typically referred as Tragus piercing. Though the trend has changed a little, the lobes have been the popular option among

Top 10 Most Popular Types of Ear Piercing

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Body piercing had emerged out to be one of the most ancient art forms that is enjoyed by both men and women of different tribes and religion all around the world. Out of all different forms of piercing, ear piercing is very popular among people. Boys generally opt for

Add More Decoration on Your Ear through Daith Piercing

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Piercing is one of the popular methods to gain the decoration through piercing some jewelries in their body. In ancient days, the piercing method is not much popular, but the entry of modern generation all the individuals desire to show some changes in their appearance. So the main reason

Chang This Summer with a Unique Fashion of Triple Forward Helix Piercing

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Triple forward helix piercing is one of the following types of helix piercing. This type of triple forward helix piercing is achieved by many individuals through their full involvement in this piercing type. This gives a unique experience to the individual who pierced this triple forward helix piercing. The

Attract With Uniqueness by Triple Helix Piercing

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To show your uniqueness among other people with your stylish looks means, then piercing is one of the best methods. Piercing will change your lifestyle by giving a modern look. There are enormous number of piercing is available for the pierce lovers. Among the various types of piercing, the

Follow the Update Trend by Making Forward Helix Piercing

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Most of the individual likes to change their outer appearance through altering their unique style. The changes were made in various ways, but give the attractive look by getting forward helix piercing. All the piercing type isn’t popular, but the forward helix piercing is more popular in between the

Auricle piercing- Back in vogue

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Body piercing has always been around in different cultures as an idiosyncratic way to express one’s selves. Be it worn as a rebellion sign, a fashion style statement or just a cultural tradition but it has always been popular.  And lately, different kinds of body piercings have come up

Decorate Your Ear with Modern Double Cartilage Piercing

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Every individual likes to make some changes in their body through appearance, hairstyle, dressing, attitudes and some others. The earlobe piercing is one of the common trends followed by every individual to show their difference in their style. When approach to the piercing, you can easily get conch, tragus,