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Ear Piercing For Kids: Complete Manual

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Ear piercing has become a prevalent these days. It is one of the oldest practices followed by people during much younger age. In this technique, a very small opening is done in ears so that any piece of jewellery earrings could be inserted into it.  There are some general

11 Vital Tips For Aftercare Of Body Piercings

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We are sure that when you get a body piercing the first inclination is to be excited and the next instinct is to show it off. While this is all fine and you need to enjoy the first excitement of the body piercing, you also need to remember that

Important Nose Piercing Tips to Know

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Nose piercings have a huge history behind them and getting a nose pierced is supposed to add to the beauty of your face. In history you will find references to this even in the Book of Genesis. Nomadic tribes like the Beya and Berbers of Africa along with the