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20 Tongue Piercing Ideas

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Today if you take a look around you, you will be able to tell at a glance that piercing and other bodily modifications are quite popular. It naturally follows that people who are into this kind of thing should look for newer piercings that make things even more thrilling.

30 Dermal piercing Ideas

Dermal piercing can be defined as piercings that are put into the flat surface of the human body. The way these differ from the other piercings is that the jewelry has an entry point and an exit point, but in dermal piercing has just one end that can be

25 Vertical Labret Piercing

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The vertical labret piercing can be described as the kind of piercing where the lower bead would be the same place where a normal labret would be, that is just below the lip. But the difference is that instead of passing through to the interior of the mouth, it