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5 Things to Know Before Go for Piercing Baby Ears

In general, parents choose to pierce their little baby’s ears due to different reasons, most of the parents  prefer to pierce their baby’s ears at little age because they believe that  it is less  irritating as well as painful at a young age. Usually, parents price their baby’s ear

Attractive Piercing Balls To Express Yourself

In the modern world, most of the youngsters prefer to get a body piercing,  piercing is one of the way to get a unique and attractive look it includes lip piercing, nose piercing, eyebrow piercings, ear piercings etc. both men and women prefer to take the body piercing to

Find Valuable Details on Achieving Weight Loss through Body Piercing

Body piercing has been known to show positive results when it comes to weight loss. People prefer piercing over different diet pills containing harmful chemicals and lead to side effects. Following exercise plan and a diet is a difficult task and it is the more reason why people seek

Get To Know About the Common Side Effects of Body Piercing

If you have your body piercing carried out by a professional body piercer, the possibilities of contracting a blood-borne disease like hepatitis c, are less. Though your piercer utilizes sterile jewelry and equipment, problems with your piercing would arise. Following the instructions of piercer on proper ways to clean

Get To Know Various Factors Determining Body Piercing Prices

Growing trends of body piercing: While most people get different parts of their body pierced for self expression, the practice of body piercing dates back to ancient times. This custom was more popular in Greece, Rome and Egypt and it was done to showcase their status in the society

Comprehensive Information On Different Types Of Body Piercing For Girls

The demand for body piercing has been increasing at a constant pace not only among teenagers but even among adults. Being one of the most cost effective types of accessories available today, the piercing jewelries are worn by a huge number of people across the world. It has become

Helpful Tips for Pregnancy and Piercing Connection

Body piercing has become the trend among all the age groups. Body piercing is an art where the body is subjected to pain. The pain may vary from person to person however any decent studio will have a policy of not piercing or tattooing the pregnant women. The basic

25+ Stylish Piercing Jewelry Ideas

At the present time, everything gets changed. And with the time the fashion also gets changed. As the fashion change the people’s choice related to the fashion and jewelry also changed. In a similar manner, the fashion jewelry as well as the fashion trend find its own and different

Back Dimple Piercing (10 Examples)

With body piercings becoming immensely popular, there are newer options for locations to be pierced, coming out on a daily basis. One of the areas that has become popular, especially among women is the piercing of the Back Dimple. The back dimple piercing is also often called the Venus

20 Different styles of Play piercing: Defined

Have you heard of play piercing? Always wanted to know more , but were not sure where to go or whom to ask? Well this article will tell you more about this. We hope you will have a better understanding of this kind of piercing on reading this article.