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20 Ultimate Ideas of Wrist Piercing

As you are very much aware body piercing has really become a hot topic with many forums and venues with more information coming out about it. It is like it was in the past when not much was not known about the various types of piercing possibilities. Today the

25 Fake Piercing Ideas, Cool and Real

If you are considering getting a piercing, we know that it is a big deal and quite a permanent decision. Often we find that when we get a piercing, it freaks people (mainly parents) out. Plus we may not be sure that it is something that you want to

25 Corset Piercing Examples

Many of you may not have heard about corset piercing as it is something that is not generally talked about. It occupies a special niche among those who are looking for something different and sensational form of body modification. The fact is that corset piercing though sensational to look

30 Dermal piercing Ideas

Dermal piercing can be defined as piercings that are put into the flat surface of the human body. The way these differ from the other piercings is that the jewelry has an entry point and an exit point, but in dermal piercing has just one end that can be