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Most of the parents like to have their child’s ears pierced at a very young age. No need to mention that children should get piercing done from a professional piercer. The piercing earring collection for children provides a range of medical grade and precious metals to keep the baby’s ear safer during the process of healing. It is known that babies and young children can become overwhelmed often while they get ear piercing. Due to this reason, you should consider going for a specialized ear piercing procedure particularly designed for children and babies.

Childs Ear PiercingChilds Ear Piercing

Proper age to get a child ears’ pierced

It is accepted by the experts that it is a very personal decision, however they warn of probable risks while piercing child’s ears early. If you puncture the skin of a child, it opens up the chance for infection and since infants have developing immune systems, parents are suggested to wait till the child reaches at least six months to have the ears pierced.

Childs Ear Piercing

On the other side, if parents want their child to make its own decision regarding ear piercing, it is better to wait till she is around ten or so to get into that discussion. If the child is older enough to get its ears pierced, then it is more likely that it takes accountability to keep its ears and the new studs clean and healthy.

Childs Ear Piercing

Making piercing less painful for the child

If you are a parent who wants your child done with ear piercing, you should ask your piercer to prescribe the suitable topical numbing cream that could help anesthetize the child’s earlobes. Apply the cream as a thick layer of coating onto the earlobes thirty to sixty minutes in advance of the piercing. It is also suggested by the experts that applying ice fifteen to thirty minutes before piercing would help in making the pain receptors numb.

Childs Ear Piercing

When you do this, you would consider covering the ears of child using a plastic wrap or a same substance, since the ice could lead to discomfort when applied to the earlobe directly. However, these interventions will not diminish the pain completely. If your child is getting piercing, it will be painful to some extent. You must talk to your child regarding the piercing in the similar manner you might talk about injection when you get her to the doctor’s office.

Childs Ear Piercing

Best ear piercing jewel metal for child

Surgical stainless steel posts and earrings can be the best pick, particularly because this metal does not include nickel or some other alloys that would lead to allergic reaction. Cobalt and nickel allergies are more common, hence experts suggest keeping away from earrings that include these metals. Few kids would even feel sensitive to white gold metal, since it can often include nickel. Apart from surgical stainless steel metal jewelry, the other safest options include titanium, platinum and 14K gold. The key while choosing earrings to check what metals were used and discuss your doctor which metal could be the safest for your kid.

Childs Ear Piercing6

Choosing a perfect place for piercing

To get your child with ear piercing, you should first consult your pediatrician or dermatologist. Though most don’t, it is worth inquiring as they will use sterile equipment and incorporate basic safety procedures. Once you find out the desired piercing location, ensure that the technician possess at least one year experience performing different body piercings every day. Very importantly, you must follow the basic safety protocol. Also ensure that your piercer washed his hands or have used antibacterial hand gel, wear gloves, thoroughly clean the earlobes of your daughter using alcohol pad and have taken a fresh sterile ear piercer from an unopened packing in front you for piercing each ear.

Childs Ear Piercing

Post-piercing care to follow

After getting your child’s ears pierced, try to avoid infection by keeping the earrings of your daughter clean. Wash your hands using a mild soap and clean the back and front part of earrings two times a day with cotton pad or ball that has been dipped using a little rubbing alcohol or cleaning solution offered by the piercing locale. In addition, allow the pierced hole to stay in its shape by rotating the earring gently and twisting them back and forth for some times. Ensure that the earring is not very tight. Do not take away the first pair of earrings for a minimum of 6 weeks and if you do so, the hole with start closing immediately. After the completion of six weeks, take out the initial pair of earrings and restore it with another, however make sure that your child wears earrings for 6 months continuously such that the holes become permanent.

Childs Ear Piercing

Signs of piecing infection for children

Drainage, swelling or redness, or any pain, tenderness or itching are the common signs, observing which you need to consult your doctor to check out if it is a possible allergy or an infection. If you are sure it is an infection, get antibiotics prescribed from your doctor to treat it. When there is a reaction, try to remove the earrings immediately and wait for 6 months or even longer till you consider getting your child ears piercing once again. You should bear in mind that the keloid tissue is very likely to develop when there is an allergic reaction or infection. Traumatizing the area repeatedly greatly improves the possibility that a child will develop keloids.

Childs Ear Piercing

Safety measures to consider

While getting your kid’s ear pierced, do not pierce the cartilage. It is because, when you do so, it comes with a greater risk of infection as well as keloid formation. If your little one changes her clothes or brushing hair, ensure she does not disturb her newly pierced ears. Try keeping hairspray, perfumes, shampoo and similar products away from the piercing earring.

Childs Ear Piercing

Activities or sports to be avoided by the child after ear piercing

It is better to remove earrings before engaging into sport, however when your child plays during the first 6 months followed by piercing, you can consider putting bandages on the earrings in order to protect them.

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