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In the ancient days, the piercing isn’t much popular in the people fashion world. After a long period, the world enters into the modern generation, the piercing more popular in the fashion world. There are various types of piercing achieved by the fashion people, but one of the risky piercing is Christina piercing. Christina piercing is achieved by both male and female, but mainly female are the priority in this piercing type. The Christina piercing is achieved in the private area of female labia; it is also a surface piercing. The Christina piercing type is also called as Venus piercing. It is not easily achieved by all, but some professional sex relation female does this Christina piercing. The main reason for this Christina piercing is achieved to enhance their sexual stimulation, or to celebrate the slave or master relationship or their desire to decorate their secret area. For their personal reason this Christina piercing done by the female or male and this is one of the contemporary piercing types. When compared to other types of piercing, this is more risky to the involved individual and cause many issues such as uncomfortable things. If you’re the female individual needs this Christina piercing you has to make sure in selecting the professional piercer to avoid any mishap happens to you. Because of, not all the parlor has complete knowledge to do this Christina piercing to the desired individual. The professional piercer is the only right person to do this piercing in a perfect and safety manner to you. Choose the modern jewelry or barbell to get the real fashion of this Christina piercing. Change the entire world into the fashion world and make everyone to achieve all the piercing types.

Christina Piercing

Christina Piercing

Christina Piericng

How the Christina piercing done?

  • First, the professional piercer prepares the desired individual who needs this Christina piercing to change their private area style and some others.
  • The main need of the piercer to do this piercing through sterilized needle, and barbell jewelry.
  • The desired individual has to make sure to withstand the pain of this Christina piercing until the completion of healing process.
  • The professional piercer marks the specific location to do this piercing in the right way.
  • First, the piercer sterilizes the needle well to make a perforation in the specific region.
  • The piercer applies the pressure to make a small perforation over their labia.
  • After the completion of perforation, then the piercer take a chosen jewelry or apt barbell to insert in the perforation.
  • Then, the individual can easily achieve the Christina piercing.

Another exciting piercing is anti eyebrow piercing, which is as fascinating as Christina piercing.


Christina piercing

Sexual part piercing

Does Christina piercing hurt?

  • This Christina piercing hurts more while the piercer applies the pressure to make a perforation in the labia.
  • Because of a sensitive area, the pain is extreme until the healing process complete.
  • The pain varies based on the individual capability to hold the pain till it heals completely.
  • The healing duration of this Christina piercing takes around six to nine months for a complete heal.
  • The pierced individual gets excess of pain for a short duration and after less pain to hold during the healing process.
  • The male can hold the pain, but the female doesn’t have much capability to hold the pain in that particular region.
  • When the pierced individual obtains sex; they really achieve much pain through the uncomfortable piercing jewelry.
  • The choosing of jewelry is more significant to reduce the pain or other major issue to you.
  • If you feel uncomfortable of your selected jewelry; you have to make sure in choosing the apt jewelry for your comfortable.



Christina Piericng

Aftercare for this Christina piercing:-

  • If you’re the individual achieved this Christina piercing; you have to aware while you have a sex with others and make a safe sex.
  • Use any anti-bacterial soap to clean regular and to avoid the infection.
  • Take a bowl of water and add a pinch of salt and just boil it for around a minute.
  • The adding salt must be a rock salt makes sure that’s not a table salt.
  • After the water gets cooled and use a cotton ball to soak well in that water.
  • And gently clean slowly all the pierced region and it doesn’t’ give any pain while you rubbing in the region.
  • The regular cleaning is more important to avoid the infection and take a new cotton regular and don’t use a same for daily.
  • Don’t try to touch with your open hands because it will cause the infection.
  • Wash your hands before touching or use any hand gloves to avoid the infection.
  • Or you can sit in the bath tub with the use of anti-bacterial solution to get rid of infection.
  • Use the solution twice in a day to clean the pierced location.

Pussy piercing

Healing process of Christina piercing:-

  • The healing process is based on the individual activity without any disturbance on that region; the healing process will quick otherwise late.
  • During the healing process; the pierced individual doesn’t try to remove or twist the jewelry.
  • Don’t contact with any type of fluids in that region particularly in the healing period.
  • The fluids such as saliva and semen.
  • And don’t make any masturbation or other usage of sex toys.
  • These can increase the pain and slow down the healing to you.
  • Make sure you hygienic in the healing period and check whether any symptoms of infection occur on that place.
  • Get an advice from the personal doctor for the infection or to faster the healing process.

Medication for Christina piercing:-

  • If you maintain your pierced location daily with a perfect anti-bacterial solution.
  • The anti-bacterial clean such as Carex and make a regular clean to avoid the irritation or other infection in the particular place.
  • After the cleaning of this solution and make sure your jewelry tightened and don’t become loose that gives more uncomfortable to you.
  • Christina Piericng

Christina Piericng

Christina Piercing

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