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25 Corset Piercing Examples

Many of you may not have heard about corset piercing as it is something that is not generally talked about. It occupies a special niche among those who are looking for something different and sensational form of body modification. The fact is that corset piercing though sensational to look at may elicit a gasp or shudder from the more sensitive of us as it looks really painful. It is as painful or maybe even more than what it looks like.

What is a corset piercing?

We will start with a little history lesson. Corsets wear undergarments that were fashioned for women to wear under their ball gowns so that they had the desirable hourglass shape. Fashioned out of whale bones or even steel and combined with cloth it was a device that would fit under the bust of the woman. It would have laces at the back, much like what we see in shoes that could be tightened to make the waist area smaller. Though it made the lady look like she had an incredibly small waist, it was also quite painful and very uncomfortable. It would often cause the lady in question lose her ability to breathe properly when faced with excitement causing her to swoon.

Coming back to the corset piercings, it is a series of piercings on the skin that would have rings placed in the same way the lace holes would be placed in a corset. A lace or ribbon would run through the rings to be tightened in a way a corset used to be.

When you look around researching for a piercer who will do a corset piercing for you, you will find that since corset piercings are essential difficult to do, take time to heal and also have a higher rate of not working out, not many of them are willing to take this kind of work up. Even when you do manage to find a piercer who will do it, you will find that they do caution you on the pain and discomfort during the process and also the longer time you will need for healing. You also have to know that corset piercings will take much longer to heal, so you need to be particularly careful about the after care.

The types:

Having talked about the difficulties and the pain that goes with a corset piercing, we also have to tell you that it looks incredibly stunning. That is probably why many people opt for this type of piercing in spite of the tribulations they have to go through to get it.

The neck corset: This is just below the neck and can look truly like a work of art once the whole thing is done. Please do remember that your pain threshold needs to be high and you need to be blessed with ample ability to heal quickly to consider this.

The lower back corset: You will find that many go for this area and anyway it makes sense as this was the place the actual corset would be tied. Plus it does make a striking visual and again it goes without saying your pain threshold before going ahead with the corset piercing.

The corset piercing on the arm: People do tend to get this done, while it may not look as spectacular as the ones on the neck or back, it still is remarkable.

The side corset piercing: This is done on the side of the torso with some extreme people going for a corset piercing on both the sides.

While these are just some of the examples of corset piercing, there are also those who go for it on a temporary basis due to many reasons. But do remember:

Other different types of Corset Piercing Ideas have shown below:

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