Feel the Power of Positivity with Dahlia Piercing

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Nowadays in this modern world, to show the individuality and uniqueness peoples are moving for fashion dresses. But apart from them, there are some other peoples are there, who always wants to be more unique than usual person looks. So that kind of peoples is choosing the piercing methods. One can able to find different kinds of piercing like lip piercing, nose piercing, navel piercing, and eyebrow piercing etc. When comes to the lip piercing, the dahlia piercing is one of the latest piercing. It is the latest trend where the youngsters are going crazy with it. Generally, it is done on the corners of the mouth or lips.

Dahlia Piercing

The dahlia piercing is otherwise known as the dahlia bites or jocker piercing. Even it is the best trend setting piercing, it is not much as popular as the other types of piercing. The main reason for this less popularity is because it has been taking place in abnormal location. The dahlia piercing is originally by the most famous scratch mark of the comic book, the supervillain joker. The name supervillian joker has been named after the less known case of the black dahlia which has been involved in the same facial mutilation. If you are a person who always wants to make a bold statement at all the places, then sure you can go for this dahlia piercing.

Dahlia Piercing

Process involved in dahlia piercing:

  • Basically, each and every types of lip piercing is done in the parlours and salons in order to make the piercing with more perfection and stylish.
  • But when you come to the dahlia piercing, it is not carried out by the piercing parlours.
  • Because some of the salons even don’t know what is dahlia piercing and how the piercing works will be done.
  • So it is a clever idea to avoid going to the salons for dahlia piercing instead of wasting your money there.
  • Therefore, there is only one way is available to done the dahlia piercing, and that way is doing piercing with the well trained professional piercer.
  • Because only the professional piercer will have the deep knowledge about this type of the different dahlia piercing styles.

Dahlia Piercing

Dahlia Piercing

Work done by professional piercer:

  • Initially, you must choose the best piercer because only a good piercer can check your mouth completely and give you the best suggestions.
  • In those suggestions, he will find whether your mouth fits to the dahlia piercing or not.
  • Because most of the mouths will not suitable for the dahlia piercing.
  • The people whose mouth is very thin should not even think about the dahlia piercing.
  • Only the thick mouths are having the potential to get a dahlia piercing than thin mouths.
  • And then he will give you the advice of how to handle it.

Dahlia Piercing

Dahlia Piercing

  • Basically the process of dahlia piercing is not a painful one that it just like a give you feel of biting a mouth for few minutes.
  • The piercer will carefully hold your mouth tightly to move forwards your mouth together.
  • They will be more careful at the time of piercing became the mouth will be surrounded with the major veins.
  • The piercer will pierce in your mouth by carefully pointing out your vein.

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Dahlia Piercing


Steps of dahlia piercing:

  • When you come to the dahlia piercing, it is done only in your mouth.
  • Within the mouth, the dahlia piercing is done in the corners of your mouth.
  • Initially, cleaning process will be done in your mouth; in order to remove all the dirt’s to avoid the infections.
  • After the cleaning process gets over, your mouth will be marked with a pen.


  • With the help of the disinfectant hollow needle, a pierce will be made on the both the sides of the lips to insert the labret jewellery.
  • Generally, the labret jewellery is required for the process of piercing.


Does the dahlia piercing will hurt or not?

  • The pain is not common among all the people because the people who are having the potential to tolerate pain can manage it.
  • But the soft people will experience the feel of more pain.
  • Since two piercings are made in the lips, it will be quite painful to the soft people.
  • It will also cause bleeding and hurt a lot at the time of piercing.
  • Eventhough more pain and bleed occurs, with few weeks everything will be decreased.



Aftercare of a Dahlia piercing:-

  • Use the fresh cotton ball to clean where the piercing is done by the use of warm saline water.
  • Clean your mouth through warm salt water, then every meal, breakfast or dinner.
  • Don’t forget to clean your mouth with salt water to avoid the infection.
  • Use any anti-bacterial soap to clean the piercing location and also the jewellery during your bath.
  • Make sure to pat the pierced location through the use of paper towel carefully.
  • Don’t try to touch the pierced jewellery while you are cleaning.


  • Use the mild-tooth brush and brush twice daily.
  • Ensure your piercing location get touch with any type of creams, lotions, ointments or any cosmetic products.
  • Select the food items such as juicy items until your piercing gets healed.
  • Don’t eat any spicy foods, meat items, and other hard foodstuffs.
  • Don’t try to smoke or drink during the healing process of this Dahlia piercing.
  • Keep forever your mouth hygienic through cleaning products.
  • The initial duration for this Dahlia piercing takes around 12 to 20 weeks to heal.


Infections and complications caused by dahlia piercing:

  • The main cause of cleaning is because of not cleaning the pierced region regularly.
  • The signs of the piercing can be found by swelling, itching, pain and redness.
  • A scratch mark will occur in your pierced areas, but it will go away after the whole healing process gets completed.



Price of dahlia piercing:

  • In the professional piercing studios, it will cost around $70.
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