Decorate Your Ear with Modern Double Cartilage Piercing

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Every individual likes to make some changes in their body through appearance, hairstyle, dressing, attitudes and some others. The earlobe piercing is one of the common trends followed by every individual to show their difference in their style. When approach to the piercing, you can easily get conch, tragus, helix, or rock through innumerable and pricey jewelry in different designs, colors, and shapes. The cartilage piercing isn’t familiar in the ancient day, but some long days ago; the cartilage piercing is more familiar to everyone. Now, the majority of the trend lovers desire to change their look through cartilage piercing in the upper ear. The cartilage piercing is achieved by both men and women to show their change in the way of living style. The double cartilage piercing is almost same that every individual can make their changes through the current trend. You can choose which ear you have to achieve the double cartilage piercing. But, you have to spend some cost to get your ear cartilage piercing.

Double Cartilage Piercing\

Double Cartilage Piercing example

Types of double cartilage piercing:-

  • The types are specific to choose the best one in the double cartilage piercing.
  • The types of this piercings are single helix piercing, multiple cartilage piercing, orbital cartilage piercing or a transverse cartilage piercing.
  • The latter is significantly a surface piercing; it is extremely higher dismissal rates than other forms of cartilage piercings.
  • You have to decide what type of cartilage piercing you need such as double helix or triple helix piercing.
  • There’s no big difference in this cartilage piercing only the count of rings.
  • If you choose to get double or triple cartilage piercing, make sure to choose the separate rings.
  • The best one is spiral earring that really looks attractive and fine while see by others.

Double Cartilage Piercing picture

Double Cartilage Piercing image

  • The multiple cartilage piercing isn’t more comfort to every individual because after your ear piercing it takes much time to heal.
  • So, most of the individual choose only the double cartilage piercing to get comfort and a stylish one.
  • Then, the selection of jewelry is also important to show your luxurious life through this trendy cartilage piercing.
  • The separate rings are forever comfort and no more discomfort occurs in the future.
  • But, you have to careful after your cartilage gets piercing, when any mishap happens in any of the piercing on the ear; it starts more irritates and happens more.

Double Cartilage Piercing photo

Choose the best cartilage piercing method:-

  • When you come to get the cartilage piercing method, you have to choose the right one for your comfort.
  • It is significant to estimate the method of establishment purposes for an ear piercing.
  • The genuine way to get the cartilage piercing is only through a needle.
  • And no any easy way you can achieve the double cartilage piercing on your ear.
  • Generally, the prominent way of cartilage piercing is easily achieved through piercing gun.

Double Cartilage Piercingsource

Double Cartilage Piercing

  • Basically, the piercing gun puts the tiny hole through the use of blunt object.
  • The pressure of the gun put the apt hole in the appropriate location on the ear.
  • The piercing gun not be cleaned in an autoclave that is used by the machine to significantly to remove the bacterial by high temperatures.
  • It is cleaned through the use of alcohol in between the gun uses, and it clean in an inferior way used to put multiple holes in the people soft ear.
  • The piercing gun is the apt way to put a tiny hole on the cartilage with lesser pain.
  • You have forever gone to the professional piercer to avoid any bad things on your ear.
  • Because the ear is more significant part to secure during the piercing.

Double Cartilage Piercing

Healing duration of this double cartilage piercing:-

  • When the individual gets the cartilage piercing; it surely gives painful in the beginning until heal comes to an end.
  • Basically, the cartilage piercing healing varies from other types of piercing.
  • The basic ear piercing naturally takes certain duration of 6 weeks to heal.
  • When compared to basic ear piercing, the helix piercing takes much time to heal around one year.
  • After the long period of 8 to 12 months, the fistula gets strong enough, and then your cartilage piercing didn’t cause pain while you sleep over the pillow.
  • The helix piercing takes perseverance and patience to heal.
  • But, you have to careful to watch your cartilage piercing after the healing process end.


How to care after the cartilage piercing:-

  • While you got the cartilage piercing, you have to make sure any occurrence of pain on the cartilage location.
  • If the cartilage piercing pains or not you have to take care of that location through some effective medication.
  • There are various forms of solution accessible to heal the cartilage piercing.
  • But, you have to make this way for your safe healing.
  • In the beginning, you have to spray around four to six times through the use of salt such as H2OOcean or a recovery piercing aftercare spray.
  • Don’t try to clean your piercing through ordinary soap.


Double Cartilage Piercing

  • The sea salt is the fine way to boost the healing process, whereas the soap will dry your skin and cause some infection on the particular location.
  • Take one cup of water and gently boil it around five minutes.
  • And leave it to cool and add the right quantity of salt in the water.
  • Then add two more drops of tea tree oil to get the antiseptic properties.
  • Take one cotton balls soaked through the solution.
  • And place the cotton on the piercing location and just throw it.
  • Then get a new one and repeat the process in both front and rear.

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You shouldn’t try to twist or pull your jewelry in the piercing location, because it causes much pain to you. If you touch that piercing location, then immediately clean your hands by antibacterial soap. Don’t apply any balms, creams or oils on that piercing place.

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