9 Unique Choices of Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry Worth Considering

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Septum piercing is named after the part of nose where it is actually located. Septum refers to a thin wall of cartilage, which runs beneath the mid part of nose, dividing your left and right nostrils. However, a septum piercing does not pass the cartilage rather it penetrates the softer part of tissue that is under the septum. The piercers usually indicate this as the sweet spot. The pain of having septum piercing differs with everyone; however it is no doubt making you to tear up. If you really love the manner septum piercing looks, but not sure whether you want real piercing, you can just make a face septum piercing with the help of fake septum piercing jewelry.

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry

One benefit of getting septum piercing is that by means of a right jewelry it is easy to hide the jewelry by just turning it and making the ends to stay inside the nose. The jewelry size and the balls at either end, however could affect your breathing ability through your nose, hence it is something to take into account. A septum retainer tends to bypasses that specific problem; however it is not quite as appealing when visible. In order to avoid the complications that are associated with original septum piercing, you can always opt for fake septum piercing that exactly makes you look as though you have real septum piercing. A fake septum piercing jewelry is all that is enough to create an appearance of original septum piercing.

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry

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Features of fake septum piercing jewelry

There has been a great demand for fake septum piercing jewelry among majority of the piercing enthusiasts, especially those who are desperately wanted to have septum piercing, but fear of the pain and the post-piercing troubles. Without must effort, it is possible to develop a feel of having a real septum piercing with just a single attractive piece of jewelry. All that you must do is finding a perfect and quality fake septum piercing jewelry that fits your face and offers you the desired septum piercing look. There are few fake septum piercing jewelry items that are worth trying out are listed below along with their features.

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry3

  • Black acrylic septum ring

Without doubt, septum piercing is the rage now, however if you are seeking for a look without really have to endure the pain of piercing, this clip on septum piercing jewelry is just for you. This is a non-adjustable and faux septum ring that is completed with a black acrylic material to offer a lightweight feel while you wear it on your nose. This fake septum piercing jewelry carries an additional feature of having fashionable tribal design.


  • Clear gem gothic elegance gold IP non-pierced clip on septum ring

Hold on to the hottest trend around and reproduce the look of a really pierced septum without actually committed to piercing. This fake non-pierced dangling clip-on septum hanger along with the brilliant clear gems adds up a vintage fashion into the contemporary world. The line of gems divides two dazzling rose gold IP over brass hoops with rhodium plating. The top portion has ends that can be pressed together to modify the fake piercing according to the wearer’s specifications and the decorative pierce which hangs down.

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry

  • White synthetic gold anodized opal clip on septum

Catch up one of the hot trends out there and imitate the look of originally pierced septum. This non-pierced clip on septum jewelry and its exotic white synthetic opal gem brings out ancient fashion to this modern world.

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry

  • Aurora gem vintage non-pierced septum ring

This is really going to be a perfect option when you consider having a fake septum piercing jewelry. You are sure to rock the look very easily, featuring a wonderful vintage-looking neckline of aurora gems that is set in gleaming rhodium plated brass. The wearer can press the ends of this fake septum jewelry to make it adjusted to their specifications.


  • Five pink faux non-pierced opal clip-on septum ring

This fake septum piercing jewelry is loaded with all glamour and appeal of its pierced cousin, with a range of terrific faux pink opals featured in silver shaded rhodium plated brass. For modifying it according to one’s specification, the ends of this ring can be easily pressed together. The pick opals set is sure to offer the fake piercing look with the necessary glamorous appeal that the wearer is wishing for.

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry

  • Bubbles and beads clip on non-pierced septum ring

Featuring the series of beaded bubbles in rhodium plated brass; you can able to make a fashion statement with this fake septum piercing jewelry. The beaded bubbles form special addition to this non-pierced jewelry. It is absolutely a great pick when you when you choose to adorn yourself with fake body piercing look.

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry

  • Gold fill 18k fake septum jewelry

This is a perfect choice for adorning your fake septum. No piercing is required for this nose cuff ring. It is easy to wear this jewelry and also comfortable. It is completely adjustable so that it can be easily fitted to your nose. It is simple yet a chic piece of fake piercing jewelry that has been among the list of top searched fake piercing jewelry.


  • Fake septum jewelry with leaf feather design ethnic body jewelry

Being an ideal piece of fake septum jewelry, this fake septum jewelry has a feather design along with the look of Indian tribal brass ethnic appeal. You can remain sure of standing unique among the crowd yet without having a real piercing or enduring the pain it created.

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry

  • Fake septum jewelry in gold and silver

This is the most favorable option of septum jewelry for fake pierced nose. As it can be adjusted easily for a tighter fit, one can feel comfortable on wearing this jewelry piece. Made of 14k gold featuring 3mm pink opal, it allows for easy clip on. This septum jewelry is completely adjustable to suit your nose exactly and it is also convenient to wear externally, which just resembles the real thing.
Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry

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