Follow the Update Trend by Making Forward Helix Piercing

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Most of the individual likes to change their outer appearance through altering their unique style. The changes were made in various ways, but give the attractive look by getting forward helix piercing. All the piercing type isn’t popular, but the forward helix piercing is more popular in between the trendy people. In the competitive world, the majority of the people change their way of living through change their appearance by forward helix piercing. Most of the females are the main reason for this forward helix piercing popularity. Because, they were putting earring and they update this to forward piercing. When compared to ordinary helix piercing it is also a complicated task to the piercer. The forward helix piercing is a hole made in the outer portion at the top layer of the ear. If the individual made by this forward helix piercing; it also gives unique look and better change in the following trend.

Forward Helix Piercing

Types of forward helix piercing:-

There are three types of forward helix piercing accessible. They are single forward helix piercing, double forward helix piercing and triple forward helix piercing.

Forward Helix Piercing

  • Single forward helix piercing: It is done by a single perforation achieved in the top layer of the ear. The pain isn’t more in this type and healing is also quick to the pierced individual.

Forward Helix Piercing

  • Double forward helix piercing: it is done by a double perforation achieved into the top layer of the ear. The one more jewelry added to that perforation region. When compared to a single forward helix piercing; the pain is slightly high. The healing duration is also increased.


  • Triple forward helix piercing: it is done by a triple perforation achieved into the top layer of the ear. The jewelry has added three in the perforation region. It gives more attractive and unique look. The pain is extreme until the completion of the healing process.

Procedure for forward helix piercing:-

  • If you’re the individual needs this forward helix piercing first you have to contact the professional piercer.
  • The professional piercer is the right person makes the right way without any cause to you.
  • Make sure the selection of jewelry to your forward helix piercing to reduce the cause of pain.
  • The professional piercer handles this forward helix piercing through sterilized needle.
  • First, the piercer puts a mark on the specific area at the top layer of the ear.

Forward Helix Piercing

Forward Helix Piercing

  • Then, use the needle to put a perforation on the exact area.
  • In the beginning, the pain likes biting of your tongue.
  • After the perforation process, then the jewelry will be placed in the perforation area.
  • And the jewelry will be screwed through the ball to make sure that doesn’t feel fall down.
  • It is also a complicated task for the piercer to do this forward helix piercing because of this sensitive ear portion.

Pain and infection of this forward helix piercing:-

  • After the completion of this forward helix piercing in the beginning that the pierced individual gets swelling, redness and less pain in that particular area.
  • When compared to other piercing; this cause of little pain to that pierced individual.
  • The duration of the healing process is also quick through proper care.
  • That the individual feel discomfort while sleeping toward the right or left where the forward helix piercing done.

Forward Helix Piercing

  • And it causes inflammation only in the pierced region.
  • This piercing didn’t cause severe infection when a regular care of that region.
  • If the individual failed to care surely achieves the infection in that region.
  • Some individual gets excess swelling, fever, vomiting, nausea, yellow pus or any allergic reaction after the piercing.

Forward Helix Piercing

Aftercare for the forward helix piercing:-

  • The first thing that the pierced individual doesn’t try to touch or twist the jewelry; it may cause to infection.
  • Clean the piercing region regularly through the use of warm salty water by use of a cotton ball.
  • Otherwise, use an anti-bacterial soap to clean the pierced region.
  • And don’t let to contact with any cream, lotion, or others in the specific region.
  • Wash the pierced region regularly and twice in a day with the use of cotton ball or fresh towel.

Forward Helix Piercing example

Forward Helix Piercing image

  • Don’t clean with your open hands and it may also cause to infection.
  • Don’t try to change the jewelry during the healing process.
  • Get any professional advice to reduce the pain and faster the healing process.
  • The forward helix piercing takes the healing process around two months up to one year.
  • If you choose any of the desired jewelry, but it doesn’t meet an excess of weight and other uncomfortable design.
  • The jewelry should be less weight and with a plain design to avoid any mishap happens to you.
  • The usual weight of the jewelry is 1.2 mm a curved barbell or a labret stud.
  • The initial cost of the jewelry begins 20 dollars and based on your selection of precious.
  • You can choose whatever cost, but you have to achieve with a comfortable design.

Forward Helix Piercing photo

Medication for a forward helix piercing:-

  • Before, go for the medication you have to get an advice from the personal doctor.
  • The anti-bacterial soap is an initial product to heal the infection quicker.
  • The use of anti-bacterial soap doesn’t grow the infection higher and reduce the healing process faster.
  • And there are several medications accessible in the online, but you have to make sure before purchase.
  • Regular cleaning is necessary through the use of your medication, but you have to use the hand gloves to apply.

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Forward Helix Piercing

  • If you don’t like any medication you can use the salt water to cure the infection.
  • You have to take fresh water and add salt and boil around three more minutes.
  • Then use the cotton ball or towel to gently clean the infected area slowly and don’t touch the jewelry.
  • Make sure your pierced location carefully and involve your body into the trendy world.
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