Understand The Health Benefits Of Different Types Of Body Piercing

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While there are so many ways to transform your look and convey your own style of personality, nothing could make you to stay ahead of the fashion trend as that of body piercing. Different styles of body piercing are opted for by individuals these days and they include

  • Nose piercing
  • Ear piercing
  • Lib piercing
  • Nipple piercing

In this article, we will see about various types of body piercing and its associated health benefits elaborately.

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Nose Piercing And Its health Benefits:

Nose piercing is considered to be an important ritual in Indian culture. The significance of wearing nose studs varies from one region to another. Several beliefs are prevalent about these nose rings in Indian culture but nose piercing is widely done by both men and women in countries across the world. The interesting fact about this nose piercing is that they come with certain health benefits.


  • According to ayurvedic therapy, piercing the nose around the specific node on the nostril reduces the pain experienced by women during monthly periods. That is why girls and older women are wearing nose rings.
  • The reason for women to wear nose rings on their left nostril is that the nerves from the left nostril are linked with the female reproductive organs. So, piercing the nose at this specific position plays a vital role in easing child birth.
  • Another benefit of nose piercing is that it gets healed properly and does not lead to infections. Taking care of nose piercing is also much easier when compared to other types of piercing.


Ear piercing and health benefits:

There is a craze seen among men and women to wear elegant ear jewelry to look charm and appealing. Among other types of body piercing, ear piercing is widely accepted at workplaces and so, people are developing desires to pierce their ear lobes and to wear different types of jewelries. Today, the market is loaded with lots and lots of ear piercing jewelries in different metals, designs and styles to choose from. There are more than 15 types of ear piercing styles available today which are really worthwhile for the fashionistas to try out. Let us see the health benefits of ear piercing:


  • According to acupressure therapy, the nerves connecting the brain are passing through the ear lobes. That is why when the child reaches the age of three or four, the ears of the child are pierced to trigger the faster development of the brain. It is highly suggested to pierce the ears as earlier as possible to avail better result.
  • There is another long term belief that piercing earlobe helps in increasing the accuracy of eyesight and hearing. According to studies, if piercing of earlobe is done at the early age, the impairments related to throat, eyes, tongue and ears can be minimized to a greater extent.


  • When you pierce the area one inch about the earring, it will help in curing back pains. While these theories sound hard to belief, they are the time tested and are proven by scientific researches.
  • If you get your ear pierced from a professional piercer, it gets healed within a few days. You can also change the earrings whenever you want without experiencing any pain and troubles.


Lip piercing and it’s benefits:

Lip piercing has been the custom from ancient times. Still some tribal people believe that piercing make their ancestors’ spirits happy. While it is a status symbol and a ritual for tribe people, lip piercing are the signs of femininity and beauty for others. The labret piercings has become one of the most popular types of piercings available today. The location chosen by the individual to pierce their body varies from one individual to another.


  • One of the beneficial things about lip piercing is that they heal much faster than other kinds of piercing.
  • This new trend is opted as a concept of self expression, independence and rebelliousness. It is just for this reason most people prefer having labret piercing.
  • When it comes to lip piercing jewelries, there are so many options available in the market to choose from. So, you can easily find the one that suits your preferences, especially when you buy lip piercing jewelries online.
  • Though they are very new to the fashion style, they have gained a renowned place in the piercing industry.
  • Lip piercing plays a vital role in stimulating sensual feeling, especially while having oral sex.


Nipple piercing benefits:

Nipple piercing has gained immense popularity in the past few years among men and women as well. When you explore the jewelry store, you would come across a wide range of nipple piercing jewelries to choose from. Of course, this is has been the preferred choice for a huge number of women than men for various reasons.


  • Though nipple piercings can be covered easily, there are varieties of rings available to create a fashion statement. In fact women prefer wearing nipple jewelries than getting tattooed to enhance their self esteem and boost confidence level.
  • Nipple piercings can be easily concealed and so, you can even worn them to places where other types of body piercing such as lip, face, labret and nose piercings are strictly prohibited.


  • Nipple piercing plays a vital role in maintaining your youthful appearance. The aging signs and blemishing skin destroys your youthful appearance. However, with permanent nipple piercing, youthful appearance can be entertained.
  • Sexual stimulation is increased to a great extent by wearing nipple piercing jewelry. Many women have claimed that the sensations are extremely intense after piercing.


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Earlier people did not practice these body piercings just to show off their social status. Rather, every kind of piercing was done with the specific intention and to reap certain health benefits. But one of the most important things is that you should get body piercing only from the recognized and experienced piercer. Approaching an amateur to get body piercing is similar to putting yourself at risk.





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