Explore the 8 Stunning Styles of Helix Piercing Earrings

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Helix Piercing Earrings looks highly effective; however it has to be done by a knowledgeable and reliable piercer in order to avoid any potential issues. Helix piercing is not the most prevalent type of ear piercing since earlobe is the definitely the famous ear piercing. But, helix piercing has become relatively common now. It is due to the reason that is more effective and attraction. Hence, it is not surprising that many people choose to have this kind of piercing.


Helix piercing is often combined with other ear piercings and is not uncommon to have multiple helix piercings performed in pairs or more than one made next to each other. The other great feature about helix piercing is that it features different jewelry types and helix shields that are made specifically for this type of piercing. Helix piercing is made on the helix of the ear. Helix is defined as an outer rim of ear cartilage. It is typically performed on the tip of ear, while other placements are possible as well.

Helix piercing jewelry

The typical jewelry type for helix piercings include captive bead rings, however few piercing enthusiasts choose using labret and stud jewelry types. Some people also prefer wearing short and straight barbells to adorn their helix piercing. Most people prefer having two helix piercings that are connected with single piece of jewelry, thus developing industrial piercing. The industrial piercings are considered as special and long straight barbells. During the time of healing, you would want to wear two separate pieces of jewelry like two captive bead rings long as the helix piercings get healed. Some other piercers, however, prefer connecting industrial piercing with single straight barbell from the beginning.


A more unique kind of helix jewelry is identified as helix shield. This is considered as a richly-ornamented and special jewelry piece made to locate on the surface of ear. Helix shields are very attractive and beautiful, but they can be utilized only on completely healed Helix Piercing Earrings.

Preferable jewelry ideas for helix piercing

18G jewelry is typically preferable because there is more possibility of migration with gauges that are smaller in size. Your piercer will offer you suggestion on which style of jewelry is perfect for you. You can consider giving your helix piercing with certain alternative style by means of superior quality jewelry. It is possible to make your helix piercing stand unique with body piercing jewelry like barbell, stud or ball closure ring that comes out in distinct color choices and styles. Discover the captivating selection of helix piercing jewelry to check what styles you can choose for this trendy piercing.

The standard helix piercing, although, typically started with a small circular barbell or CBR. A proper gauge size is normally 16 to 14 gauge, but is relies on the rim size. You need something that is smaller enough to fit within the curled edge without applying any stress on the cartilage. It is better to allow your piercer choose what size is best.

Few popular examples for helix piercing jewelry

  • Clear CZ prong-set helix earring value set

Never miss out on this special helix earring value set that is featured with three helix earring studs having a single round CZ gemstone in each. This set of Helix Piercing Earrings comes in a package including studs in three different sizes ranging from 3, 4 and 5mm stud that are wrapped well to entice the buyer.


  • Heart rose helix piercing earring

No one will deny admiring the beauty of this Helix Piercing Earrings. Featuring rose shape, this helix piercing jewelry piece is made of stainless steel that shines in silver tone unfolding the delicate brilliance in this wonderfully feminine helix barbell. If you choose stay unique with your helix piercing jewelry, you should absolutely try wearing this piece to make others admire you.


  • Marquise cut CZ helix stud

This is a perfect earring for your Helix Piercing Earrings. This is a very pretty helix stud featuring 9mm CZ gemstone. This earring is designed specifically for helix piercing and is crafted with utmost comfort in mind. Amazingly unique and highly trendy, this piece of helix earring is what you want when you have helix ear piercing. The charm is made of 925 sterling silver, while the barbell is made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel for protection.


  • Clear star prong-set CZ helix earring value set

Never miss out on this ideal piece of Helix Piercing Earrings that is featured with helix earring studs having a single star shaped CZ stone. Again, this earring value set comes wrapped up in a package containing studs of three different size include 3, 4 and 5mm.


  • Rainbow prism ball helix piercing stud

This is surely a piece of earring for you if you plan on getting Helix Piercing Earrings. It is a very pretty ear cartilage stud sporting multifaceted aurora borealis prism crystal. This specific piece of earring is designed specifically for helix piercing and is also made with convenience in mind. This is a stylish piece of helix earring made of surgical grade stainless steel for skin protection.


  • Spring butterfly sterling silver dangle helix earring

This adorable piece has a superior quality hanging butterfly charm. With the suitable amount of dangle, this piece just features the right level of play. They shimmer and move as you move and are definite to attract attention from the admirers.


  • Clear round CZ sterling silver piercing chain

Remain stylish and chic in this splendid cartilage earring that is connected form one piercing to other with a suspending sterling silver chain. Accentuated with a glowing CZ stone, it is the right way to beautify yourself with this cartilage piercing.


  • Faux and CZ pearl hanging cartilage earring stud

This exquisite cartilage stud is crafted in surgical steel, faux pearls and glittering CZ gemstones.



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