Useful Information Regarding Helix Piercing And Its Healing

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The upper ear piercing is a hole of upper ear or helix for the aim of wearing as well as inserting an attractive of jewelry. The piercing is made with a tiny gauge hollow, which is popularly known as piercing needle. In some instances, there are 2 helix piercing successfully hold the identical piece of accessory, generally a barbell, known as industrial piercing.

Helix Piercing And Its Healing

Facts About Piercing Process

The upper ear does not include any nerve finishing or endings. Hence, the upper ear piercing process is not generally painful. Though, some people may experience more pain while undergoing the process. It is mainly because of the extra pressure used by a piercer in order to puncture the cartilage. The high intensity of pain also differs from one person to another.


The pain of helix piercing is also based on the experience of the expert in order to carry out this procedure without creating more discomfort, your resolve for getting your upper ear pierced, as well as the range of pain which you can bear easily. The exact pain just lasts for a few seconds, for exactly about 30 to 60 seconds. Additionally, you may feel a small distressed while the jewelry or accessory is placed properly in the freshly created hole.

Helix Piercing

After care

Similar every fresh piercings, the upper ear piercings can be touched for less times. Contact with remaining body fluids, puddles, beauty sprays, pools, makeup and more is normally discouraged. The unwashed or unclean hands carry lots of bacteria and will create infections. While speaking about jewelry twisting, it is not suggested because it can irritate and tear the fistula that can truly lead to the hypertrophic scarring, migration, a prolonged healing time and in some instances avoidance of this piercing.

Helix Piercing And Its Healing

Cleaning may be done by just permitting warm water in order to wash the jewelry or by simply spraying your piercing with the sterile saline. This is probable to perfectly soak a sore as well as irritated piercing in the warm saline, or to properly make same salt water remedy by including non-iodized salt to exactly 8 oz of warm water.

Helix Piercing And Its Healing

While considering the antimicrobial soaps, it consists of triclosan or choloroxylenol that can frequently be irritating as well as are not suggested for regular use. Though, they may be useful whether the piercing contacts the dirty environment or atmosphere.

Helix Piercing And Its Healing


The upper ear piercing process can really take up to 12 months in order to heal, though many piercers said that you can modify bar, stud or equivalent after exactly around 2 to 3 months. Moreover, the average time of healing for upper ear piercings is 6 to 8 months. Though, this process is based on the person as well as their piercing techniques.

Helix Piercing And Its Healing


  • The standard jewelry or accessory for upper ear piercing is a captive bead rings, yet some individuals select to use labret jewelry varieties and studs. Some individuals even desire to wear the straight and short barbells on top of their ear.
  • Many individuals choose to own 2 upper ear piercings linked by a solo jewelry piece, developing the industrial piercing. The industrial piercings only utilizes long straight and special barbells as the jewelry.
  • During your healing time, though, you may required to wear 2 separate accessories or jewelry pieces until your upper ear piercings are completely healed. So Why not check out Helix Piercing Jewelry now.


  • Few of the piercers, though, select to link the industrial piercing process with a solo straight barbell exactly right from the beginning.
  • The helix piercing includes a special kind of upper ear jewelry, which is popularly known as helix shield. It is a richly-ornamented and special jewelry designed to sit on a surface of your ear. Upper ear shields are highly attractive and beautiful, but these can be utilized only on the fully-healed piercings.


Types of upper ear piercing

There are two different types of ear piercing including orbital piercing and anti-helix piercing.

Orbital piercing

  • It is refers to a type of upper ear piercing that is performed in a side to side basis.
  • It will truly involves 2 holes for the piercing
  • When completed with the captive bead ring, the jewelry will look as it this orbits your upper ears, simply like rings which are around the globe.


Anti-helix Piercing

  • It is placed properly across your original piercing.
  • Normally, it is made on inner edge of your ear along its completely curled edge which is very closer to your head.


Infection of upper ear piercing

Infection, which is carried about by upper ear piercing is usually especially whether there is no effective care brought throughout the overall procedure. It can arise from aspects, including:

  • Inexperienced individual who performs this piercing procedure
  • There is a unsterile needle selected for the puncture of your ear cartilage
  • Inappropriate aftercare of your pierced site


The symptoms and signs which should be observed for the infection linked to upper ear piercing contain the following:

  • Tenderness and pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness


Things to avoid

  • Cleaning your perforated area by using hydrogen peroxide, teat tree oil and betadine are recommended to be
    completely avoided since it can create great discomfort
  • Often touching of this upper ear piercing, especially along with the unwashed hands, may not to be done as more as possible.

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Helix Piercing And Its Healing

Helix Rings

The helix rings are the highly preferred and most favorite jewelry choices for many people. These rings are available in several styles, designs and sizes, so you can choose the right one as per your individual requirements. The fine collection of helix rings also helps you to customize the piercing easily. There are 2 basic kinds of upper ear piercing rings available that includes circular barbells and ball closure rings. These are the extremely comfortable and convenient to wear. Apart from, these can be also customized with threaded accessories.



The helix piercing is ideal for individuals who want to wear stylish jewelry on the top of their ears. The helix jewelry is available in numerous styles, varieties and designs that make the selection much simpler. Moreover, this type of piercing provides people most awesome and sophisticated look.


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