Why Use The Industrial Bar Piercing For Your Fashionable Look

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Industrial Piercing is called as the Bar, Construction Piercing or Scaffold Piercing is 2 pierced holes that are connected with the single straight jewelry piece. The industrial bar piercing referred as the double perforation specifically in the upper ear cartilage.

62441a23ea5603ac93ad66f07540f4bcIndustrial Piercing is normally suitable for any 2 or more piercings jewelry that is connected by the straight and single of Jewellery. Normally, Industrial Piercing are quite a verities that are limited only to the wearer as well as the imagination of the artist. Industrial piercings are refereed as the bar piercing, scaffold piercing and construction piercing which are mostly suitable for everyone who like to have a beautiful look in the amazing style. Fashionable industrial bar piercing brings you the most awesome and stylish look in the public. Two separate piercings with each of them have their own piece so it is quite suitable for enabling the high fashionable look.


Standard Gauge for Industrial Piercing will be 14 and it is quite easier to choose according to smaller and larger based wearer preference or the anatomical need. It is considered as a great piece of jewelry as they are quite stylish with the most adorable look in the absolute way.

  • Two piercings will be made in the ear that are fairly close to the head and called as the Forward Helix Piercing and the second piercing will be going down to the helix which is quite opposite to the ear side called as the Helix Piercing.
  • Vertical Industrial Piercing is widely called as the Suicide Industrial giving your more stylish look.
  • Versatile Piercing could be easily worn as the True Industrial and this is a two separate piercings or a single piece of jewellery so that each of them will be worn as the single piece.
  • Normal Standard Gauge will be 14 for this piercing and it can be smaller or larger based wearer preference as well as their anatomical need.


Industrial Piercing Procedure:

Normally, each of the piercer have their own style of approach for giving the piercing and they will be giving the entire area with cleaning thoroughly.

  • Procedure for the industrial bar piercing is quite simple so it is necessary to hire the professionals for making this option.
  • Either use the gentian violet or sterile marker for starting the procedure so that it would be quite suitable for starting without any hassle.
  • Artist would approve your placement and allow you to view prior being pierced.
  • Industrial Piercing have the particular projects in which the anatomy plays the larger role for the placement of the personal preference. Small amount are concerned to heal with the longevity of your piercing.


  • Some artists opts to clean area again and it is most important for making this procedure.
  • The project involves multiple piercings so the piercer should use a needle per hole and highest quality needles must be used in the process for getting the most flawless technique.
  • Industrial Piercing Jewelry is available in a great style so it is quite suitable for getting a great beauty in the absolute fashionable way.
  • Unnecessary tissue damages could be easily caused with the use of same needle twice or more in the tougher tissues such as cartilage.
  • Professional Body Piercers brings you a great deal of excellence pride to make sure that every procedure is made correct.


Industrial Piercing Jewelry:

  • Tons of designs and colors are available for Industrial Piercing Jewelry so it is quite suitable for enjoying the wide collection for getting a good style in the absolute way.
  • Marvelous looking industrial bar piercing are available in great style which would give a surprising way with the matching dress.


Dream Catcher Industrial Piercing:

  • Dream Catcher Industrial Piercing Barbell brings you quite the charm in the absolute style so that it would be quite suitable for getting the most amazing look.
  • Feather and arrow looking style of the industrial bar piercing is the perfect modern choice for everyone who likes to impress the guests in the special occasion in the fantastic way.


Anodized Bamboo Notched Industrial Barbell:

  • Anodized Bamboo Notched design is quite Fashionable and popular body piercing jewelry.
  • The Industrial Piercing Jewelry brings you the high resolution ratio picture with giving you the most stunning image in the absolute style.


Arrow Industrial Barbell Piercing:

  • Stainless steel Arrow Industrial Barbell Piercing is the unique style with the extraordinary gauges giving you a confident look.
  • Wearing this amazing jewelry for your party would definitely bring you a good attention of the public.

Hamsa Charm Looped Industrial Bar Black:

  • The Hamsa Charm Looped Industrial Bar Black is a 14 gauge looped industrial bar piercing with added silver charm.
  • It acts as the most amazing piece of jewelery in the beautiful style enabling more charming beauty.
  • Your charms will not slip away during the insertion or the removal.


Anodized Looped Heart Industrial Barbell:

  • Wear your love of Anodized Looped Heart Industrial Barbell out in the open with cute looking outfit bringing you the most amazing and stylish look in the absolute way.
  • Stylish industrial bar piercing are available in beautiful designs and stylish look in the absolute style.

Industrial Barbell Gold Infinity Steel:

This Industrial Barbell infinity set in stainless steel secures the ball closure so that it is quite convenient for getting the amazing and stylish look without any hassle.


Bamboo Notched Industrial Barbell:

  • High quality Bamboo Notched Industrial Barbell brings you the energetic style with various colours and sizes available for choosing the appropriate one.
  • Get more improved look with your style wearing the amazing industrial bar piercing so that it would be quite suitable for enjoying the modern fashion.
  • The best Industrial Piercing Jewelry is amazing with the extraordinary aspects so that it would be suitable for everyone who like to enjoy a beautiful look.


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