5 Unique Charming Appeal of Industrial Piercing Jewelry

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Industrial piercing has become more popular nowadays among people, especially among those who are interested in body piercing practices. Industrial piercing involves the combined form of facial art work and self expression. A special feature that makes industrial piercing ideal is that it deals with double piercing holes at the ear against the one with other style of piercing. Whenever you wish to stand unique with industrial piercing, you should consider certain things in mind. The foremost concerning factor is that you should get it done from a professional so that you can have it properly with less chance of infection. The industrial piercing jewelry used should be of superior quality like titanium, 18 carat gold or surgical stainless steel.

industrial piercing jewelry

Best material for industrial piercing

The smart idea to avoid infection while the wound due to piercing heals is employing the best quality material for industrial piercing jewelry. You must always check for best available material for your industrial piercing jewelry, which is not likely to result in infection.

industrial piercing jewelry

  • The types of materials that are most suggested for industrial piercing jewelry include surgical stainless steel, titanium or 18 carat gold. It is also a better idea to make use of internally threaded barbells.
  • Industrial barbells featuring thread that extends from ball and enables screwing within the barbell are much safer. The other kind is where the thread is featured on the bar itself. This is considered as a very dangerous style that could even result in tearing of ear if jewelry is put on or removed.

industrial piercing jewelry

Barbell-popular industrial piercing jewelry

An industrial barbell piercing jewelry is a straight pierce of jewelry that is used for piercing the ear cartilage. Ear cartilage experienced two perforations that assists the person wear many types of industrial piercing jewelry like the twisted ear, orbital ear and long straight barbell jewelry. The industrial barbell jewelry is found in more shapes and designs including spiral, straight and orbital jewelry. Any of the two parts of ear cartilage can be chosen to make ear cartilage piercing that allows the wearing of spiral, long bar or orbital shape.

industrial piercing jewelry

Choosing the perfect type of industrial piercing jewelry

  • It relies upon the individual to determine the particular kind of industrial barbell. Numerous designs of piercing jewelry are available for industrial piercing, from which you can choose the perfect one that attracts you.
  • There are basically three kinds of industrial piercings that become increasingly popular for various reasons. They are helix spiral piercing that is beautiful and attractive, the orbital piercing that involves piercing on the two places of ear cartilage and the last type of vertical industrial piercing that has also been widely familiar.

industrial piercing jewelry

Splendid pieces of industrial piercing jewelry

  • Stainless steel white faux industrial barbell

If you want to include sophistication to your style, you can consider having this industrial barbell earring that is featured with white synthetic opal balls at both the end. The highlight of this celestial ball lies on the smooth simplicity of the surgical grade stainless steel barbell that will remain as the best addition in your ear cartilage.

industrial piercing jewelry

  • Opal clear gem surgical steel industrial barbell

The sparkling glamour of this industrial piercing jewelry features a quartet of synthetic opals that is cushioned between attractive clear gems on both sides in the center of the barbell. The long straight barbell that measures 36mm is made out of surgical steel stainless steel for a strong stability in your piercing.

industrial piercing jewelry

  • White faux clean gem opal gold sunburst industrial barbell

Make heads turn straight on to the heart of sun while you wear this stunning piece of bright helix piercing. This beautiful industrial piercing jewelry is developed out of gold anodized titanium over high quality surgical grade stainless steel featuring a moveable sunburst resembling charm set having clear gems along with white synthetic opal and a rubber o-ring for securing the charm.

industrial piercing jewelry

  • 14 gauge blue gem bow and arrow dazzling industrial barbell

Feel more confident that your sense of fashion is not going to lose its mark while you are wearing this ultra stylish industrial barbell piercing jewelry. Made of supreme quality surgical stainless steel barbell, this jewelry is featured with non-moving bow charm adorned with pink accents and feather ends and arrowhead in the place of balls. If you look for something with some included archery style you will definitely love wearing this industrial barbell.


  • Gold anodized clear gem flowing lotus suspending industrial barbell

Blend elegant spirituality with sparkling glamour with this high end 14 gauge dangling industrial piercing jewelry. This long straight barbell is made of surgical quality stainless steel that also includes ball ends featuring clear gems for glittering highlights. The center part has a moving charm that depicts the beautiful gold plated outline of lotus flower with dangle of flowing leaf charms and aurora gem highlight.


  • Drop anchor for unique summer fun suspend coil industrial barbell

Exhibit a love of ocean that pursuits with this barbell body jewelry. This nautical themed stainless steel industrial barbell features a fun twist and suspends a shinier ship’s anchor.


  • Swimming baby dangle coil industrial barbell

Show off a love of ocean living creatures with this barbell body jewelry. The sparkling stainless steel industrial barbell dangles a baby sea turtle charm.

industrial piercing jewelry

  • 14 gauge black plated industrial barbell

Experience the power of Egyptian gods as well as goddesses by wearing this contemporary twist on historic style industrial barbell earring. This industrial earring has a long straight barbell that is made out of black plated over surgical grade stainless steel and features 5mm ball ends to secure the body jewelry in your ideal industrial piercing. This industrial piercing jewelry also features moving charm of all-seeing eye with suspending drops dangled for some swaying details.

industrial piercing jewelry

  • 14 gauge spiral titanium gold anodized industrial project bar

This project bars work perfect for multiple piercings. You need to just inset both end of barbell onto the holes for wearing piercing. You must remember not pulling through the hole.


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