Pick an Alluring Piece of Lip Ring and Adorn Your Facial Beauty

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Lip piercing practice has been seen commonly in South American cultures and among African tribes. The jewelry that is worn in lips range from decorative lip plates to rings that are usually worn in the lower part of the lip.

Lip piercing, like most other kinds of body piercings, have become growingly popular in the mainstream culture for the past couple of decades. You can choose from whole different types of lip piercings. As much as the types of lip piercings emerge, the designs and varieties of lip rings also extend in its options.


Lip rings

When it comes to choosing lip rings, you are likely to discover distinct range of options. The type of lip piercing you pick will determine the best kind of jewelry that you can wear, at least when you are through the initial healing process. If you have desire for any of the types of lip rings, discuss with your piercer and check whether the style you love is suitable for the type of lip piercing you need to get.

For example, having a captive bead ring for dahlia/joker piercings would not be a better idea as they could not get into the way while you are eating that could put your piercings in a consistent state of irritation and also extend the process of healing.


The different styles of body jewelry that tend to form the best starter lip ring include labret studs, circular barbells and captive bead rings. Later, once you are completely cured with your lip piercing, you would want to check some other options as well, which include organic body jewelry, clear lip piercing retainers and if you have interest in extending your labret or some other lip piercing, you can even check out the plugs.

Have a look at ten popular lip rings that are commonly seen on those who get done with lip piercing,


  • Braided cut circular lip ring

If you are into all the universal models of your body jewelry, then this braided cut circular lip with rounded and annealed edges will be the suitable new addition in your collection. This 14 gauge ring is crafted out of gold IP over the braided 316L surgical grade stainless steel for an elaborate style with durability to match. This circular lip ring is considered perfect for number of various piercing locations, especially lip, which makes it a really versatile piece of body jewelry.


  • 16 gauge acrylic ball spiral twister

This is a bright 16 gauge spiral twister lip ring that can also be utilized for multiple piercings like cartilage, eyebrow and tragus piercings. It is an acrylic spiral ring featuring 316L surgical steel grader twister barbell.


  • White synthetic opal steel captive lip ring

Pamper yourself as well as your lip piercing with this 16 gauge captive ring that features captive ball designed from white synthetic ball. Its 5/16 inches diameter circular ball is crafted from 316L surgical grade stainless steel and this captive ring is a most suitable piece of jewelry to flaunt numerous piercings, including those made in the ear.


  • Anodized hinged segment circular barbell ring

If you are seeking for something with more classic type that is simple to wear for all kind of your hoop-compatible piercings, then this captive ring is suitable for you. Designed out of a black anodized titanium on a surgical grade stainless steel, this amazing 14 gauge segment ring is featured with a non-removable, hinged segment for easily inserting and removing from your piercing.


  • Sterling silver eye snake captive lip ring

Sleek snake closure ring is crafted in a surgical steel circular barbell and with 0.95 sterling silver snake charm with dazzling gem eyes. This is one of the exotic choices of lip ring preferred by many individuals. The red stones that are incorporated with the eye snake design better complement the overall look of the lip ring.


  • Tanzanite captive ring designed with Swarovski crystals

This is an alluring steel captive lip ring made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel. It is a 16 gauge captive bead ring crafted with Swarovski crystals, which forms a universal body jewelry piercing. This amazing crystal BCR is considered universal for piercings in eyebrows, nipples, ears and much more.


  • Blue Banana Glitter Ball

Made of great quality durable materials, design and heard wearing material, this blue banana glitter ball is a perfect choice of lip ring that you can buy to treat yourself or a special someone.

  • Metallic silver rose interchangeable BCR set

Get interchangeable ball closure rings including multiple-use rings crafted from surgical stainless steel. This captive ring is featured with a gleaming metallic silver rose, which can be used with all included BCRs.


  • Bronze anodized BCR captive ring

Have this 14 gauge captive lip ring made of 316L steel bronze anodized titanium. Though it is perfect considering for different kinds of piercings, you can wear it for lip piercing to appear hot.

  • Sandblasted steel BCR captive ring with 3mm ball

For a fabulous BCR captive ring channeling precious metals, this wonderful piece is surely a must-have. It features 3mm sparkling gold sandblasted steel ball over a 316L stainless steel circular barbell. The 10mm, 16 gauge captive ring is regarded to be the universal body piercing piece of jewelry utilized specially for lip piercing, though suits good for other body piercings as well.


Other attractive lip piercing jewelry

  • Heart lip piercing jewelry

If you wish to appear girly and look cute, you should need this heart lip piercing jewelry. This piece of jewelry will definitely looks hot on your lip piercing and this new design means that you can look appealing and also feel comfortable to wear. You can replace labret with the ball by means of a screw-on heart.

  • Star lip piercing jewelry

This piece of lip piercing jewelry with star design is certainly a great option for you. The star lip rings and studs look rally stunning and funky, suitable for displaying your piercing and also enhancing the style stakes. You can also consider adding a threaded star accessory to your labret stud which you already own or try to replace clip-in ball with star motif one.


Types of lip piercing

Lip piercings are more popular, look great and also easy to heal. There are several different kinds of piercing and when you choose to have a particular kind of lip piercing, you should be completely aware of it, like how it will match with your features, what sort of jewelry you can wear and the possible risks of teeth and gum damage.

  • Traditional lip piercing

A traditional lip piercing, which is also called as labret piercing, is passed through the bottom of the lip. The more common placement is made at the center part of lip; however it can also be pierced on the side. The type of lip piercing jewelry that you can opt for classic lip piercing relies on the distance between the piercing and the edge of your lip. When the piercing is closer to lip line, then you can choose either a ring or a labret stud in it.


  • Vertical lip piercing

In case of vertical lip piercing, the jewelry used passes through the lip in a vertical fashion, getting in under the lip line and coming out from the center of lower lop. This piercing is ideal of all other types of lip piercings and since the jewelry does not pass through the mouth, the risk of oral damage is eliminated.

  • Medusa lip piercing

Medusa piercings are placed at the philtrum, a kind of groove that passes from your lip to your septum. They are normally positioned little closer to the lip. Only, a single kind of jewelry can be worn for medusa piercing, which is a small labret stud. They are normally pierced at 1.6mm or 1.2mm.


  • Madonna lip piercing

Named after the beauty spot of Madonna, this kind of piercing is positioned on either side of the upper lip. It is also called as Monroe piercing, which is named after the beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe. A labret stud is typically worn in Madonna piercings, which is either 1.6mm or 1.2mm. This sort of piercing holds the same risk as that of traditional lip piercing and it is recommended to wear a bioflex labret for reducing the possible risk.

Lip piercing suits everyone and looks great, making them a prevalent choice, regardless of who you are. Luckily, they get healed and simple to take care of. There are different lip piercing combinations and placements, however they all necessitate the same fundamental aftercare. Lip piercing can be positioned almost anywhere across the mouth, however the most familiar is still the traditional lip piercing, which is positioned at the center of lower lip. The basic elements of lip piercing jewelry, which include BCRs and labret studs, can be personalized with all types of cute motifs, colors and designs. You can pick from sparkly crystals, girly colors, love hearts and number of cool designs.

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