5 Ideal Options for Monroe Piercing Jewelry That Deserves Purchase

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When it comes to body jewelry and body art, there are different designs and styles to choose from. Body piercings have turned out to be a more common and desirable form of body art and also a way easier than tattoos. Moreover, they are less permanent and wide array of choices to select from. Different piercings tends to have different pain, risks and healing difficulties.

Monroe Piercing JewelryFrom among the various other body piercing, a less popular however yet equally incredible kind of body piercing is Monroe body piercing. With monroe piercing jewelry, a beauty mark or a mole is created on the face and will differ in location by the specific individual. It is normally adorned with a stud rather than a ring to look a lot like a birthmark.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

The other variant of this kind of piercing is angel bite, which refers to the double version of piercing (Monroe and Madonna) placed on both the sides of upper lip. Long barbells can be worn on these piercings to resemble a crayfish, thus the popular name.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

Why have Monroe piercing?

One of the biggest perks of having Monroe piercing is that it gets healed faster than other types of piercings. It is because lip wounds typically cure much quicker than other types of wounds. The approximate healing time suggested by most of the professional piercers for this sort of piercing is somewhere from 7 to 12 weeks, however you will observe that it heals between three and six weeks.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

It is a very simple process with fast healing period, but the level of pain will typically differ for each individual. For those with thicker, larger lips and facial muscles that are properly exercised, you may feel more discomfort due to the reason that there are more nerves and muscles to be pierced through.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

Type of jewelry worn on Monroe piercing

The highly common monroe piercing jewelry is the labret stud. It is a kind of post jewel that is screwed on to the base of the stud that is shaped in a flat disc. Its disc fits snugly against the inner part of lip assuring that the post is kept in place. The other common jewelry is in the form of dumbbell that is worn if one has double piercing on both the side of lip and it resembles a crayfish. Though it is not more common, it leaves a stunning effect.

Look for best studs designs for your piercing fun

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

Check below for the five best and popular monroe piercing jewelry that requires your attention,

  • Blue coated 16g ceramic stainless steel stud

Have this blue coated piercing stud to adorn your Monroe piercing in an exotic manner. Made of 316L stainless steel it does not get flake or chip off and externally threaded. The blue color of this piercing jewelry will better create a beauty mark, while attracting the attention of others in a unique manner. You need not concern about getting infection as the jewelry is made of high quality stainless steel.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

  • CZ gem top clear lip ring

Having an enchanting piece of gem at the top, this piercing stud is the most perfect choice for Monroe piercing that makes a beauty mark on the face. A little sparkle of them gem is enough to make heads turn. It is not doubt that you will be a center of attraction when you wear this gem top lop ring for your medusa piercing. It is available in different color choices to meet the individual preference.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

  • 16G labret Monroe ring featuring prong push top

This is absolutely a special piece of monroe piercing jewelry likely to boost your facial image. Featuring prong CZ push top, you can easily change the color of the stones. The push pin is made of stainless steel that will make you feel comfortable and free of infection as well. Never miss getting this Monroe ring if you want admire others with medusa body piercing

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

  • Lollipop color Monroe ring

It is one of the unique types of Monroe ring that is design lollipop type. You will find different color options, with all bright colors including green and red. You can choose the type of color based on your skin color and facial structure. This monroe piercing jewelry really deserves a place in your piercing jewelry collection.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

  • Stainless steel color ball Monroe ring

This is an all ideal monroe piercing jewelry with titanium anodized over stainless steel ball. It also comes in distinct color choice and you can pick the color that allures you. You are definite to make a style statement wherever you head out. If you consider a facial or lip piercing, particularly Monroe piercing, opt for this color ball Monroe ring.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

How Monroe piercing is done?

A Monroe piercing is a kind of piercing that is more subjective, unlike any other body piercing. This specific piercing can be made in several different locations on the upper lip, based on personal preference. Monroe piercing is typically pierced with smaller gauge stud either 16 gauges or 18 gauges, but can be sometimes pierced with barbell.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

To start with, the piercer will first mark the spot on your Monroe using a permanent ink marker. The piercer will often provide you a couple spots to pick from. You will then be asked to rinse your mouth, normally a medical strength variety. This is instructed to sterilize your mouth. Your upper lip is clamped and kept in place by piercer and a hollow needle is then passed through the lip.

Monroe Piercing Jewelry

A barbell or labret stud, which is usually used as monroe piercing jewelry will be kept in your lip that will usually be bigger than the size you want. Your piercer will offer you aftercare instructions and you would have to use antiseptic mouthwash and clean the Monroe pierce from outside.


As with most other facial piercings, there are few issues that could come up with your new Monroe. Ensure that you allow sometime for your swelling to go off when you plan for taking pictures or attend a big event. The usual healing time for Monroe piercing is 3 to 6 weeks.



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