25 Sexy Monroe Piercing Ideas

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This is normally a piercing on the lip that is placed slightly off center just above the upper part of the lip on the left side. The way this looks is supposed to resemble the beauty spot that Marilyn Monroe Piercing had and the one that supposedly drove men crazy. This type of piercing can be fitted with gauges 14, 16 or 18 gauge labret. The bars of these are normally shortened once the process of healing is complete. One of the ways this can be varied is with a piercing called Angel bites. Basically this has the piercing called Monroe and Madonna on each side of the upper lip. People also refer to this as Anti Bites, Crayfish or Angel bites. The word anti bites came from the fact that it is the opposite version of snake bites.

monroe piercing
When you don longer barbells in this piercing it looks quite similar to the antennae that a crayfish has which has given birth to this name. Many of the folks that have a Monroe style piercing like to wear a stone jewel or metal ball on the outer side. You will see that the lip will swell quite a bit once the piercing is done. You need to care for the face and also exercise oral care during the healing process. Attention should be paid to make sure that the jewelry is clean on both the sides. Since the piercings like Monroe need complete and proper care to avoid chances of infection or any problems there of.

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One of the advantages that go with having a Monroe piercing is that it is quite quick to heal as compared to other piercings. The time that is estimated by expert piercers runs from 2 to 3 months but normally you will find that it may heal in half that time. Getting a Monroe piercing can be painful. This is so because this part of the body has quite a huge network of nerves. There is also a miniscule risk that the piercing may touch upon the superior labial artery which is quite close to the upper part of the upper lip.

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The extent of pain that you feel when being pierced will naturally depend on the pain bearing capacity you have and also the particular place on which you get the piercing. People who have lips that are thicker or people who exercise their facial muscles more or have more muscle or flesh may find that the pain and discomfort is more. Males may also feel the pain more than females. This is due to regular shaving which makes the skin tougher making it harder to pierce. The sphincter muscle called orbicularis oris is utilized to a large extent for playing woodwind and brass instruments; players who play on these may have a bigger muscle around the mouth area and this will increase the pain and discomfort when the piercing takes place.

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Since it is near the mouth, Monroe piercing may also be the cause of damage to teeth and gums. In some cases the back disk portion of the metal jewelry that is worn for such piercing could end up rubbing against the gum and teeth. This could mean the gum could recede or there could be some form of damage to the tooth enamel. You can opt of labret studs made in plastic or some other similar material to make sure that this problem is minimized.

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The celebrities who have reportedly gotten this kind of Monroe piercings include Luke  Williams Gossip and Amy Winehouse. These Examples of Monroe Piercing may help you :

monroe piercing (4)monroe piercing (6)

monroe piercing (7)

monroe piercing (8)

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