Important Nose Piercing Tips to Know

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Nose piercings have a huge history behind them and getting a nose pierced is supposed to add to the beauty of your face. In history you will find references to this even in the Book of Genesis. Nomadic tribes like the Beya and Berbers of Africa along with the Bedouins of Near east also have the tradition of piercing the nose which indicates the prosperity of a family. The custom of nose piercing came to India via the Moghals.

In western countries this trend of nose piercing came up in the 60s with the hippy culture. Then the punk movement adopted it and it was considered a rebellion against conservative traditions. Now people are accustomed to it with many celebrities like Lani Kravic, Madonna, Sinead O’Connor to name a few sporting them.

The nature of Nose Piercing: This goes through a small sized crest that is found between the tetragonal cartilage and alar cartilage.


Jewelry used for nose piercing:  Normally a nose ring  which is closed with a ball or some special jewelry can be used. Once the healing process is complete then you go with a wide array of choices spades, canines, nose rings with balls, crooked canines, circular barbells or curved barbells,


Varieties in Nose piercing

Bridge Piercing: Located near the brow  or the nose bridge in the center of the eyebrow. The thickness of the jewelry could be between 1.0 mm to 1.6mm and mostly a barbell or ring is used.


Septum piercing : This one is on the nose partition in the middle between the nostrils. As only upper portion of the septum on the joining of two cartilages is pierced, the damage to cartilage is quite low.


Should the piercing be done using needle or gun?

You can get your nose pierced with needle or with the help of a special gun that is made for the nose. The gun has lesser pain and discomfort and can be really quick and the work is done in a more precise and accurate manner due to the use of finer needles.

The use of needles may result in pain but the nails that are used in a gun tend to be blunt and the piercing takes place on the impact of the gun and could result in damage to tissues. Plus you will have a huge and rather unpleasant looking nail in the nose.

Nose piercing using a needle: The piercing will take anywhere between 6 weeks to 10 weeks to heal. The area will be tender and painful in the beginning of the healing period. You can conclude that the piercing is healed when you press the tip of the nose and feel no pain.


How to cleanse and take care of Nose Piercing

  • Cleanse the pierced area when you bathe with a soft cotton cloth or wad of cotton by soaking it in tepid solution of salt. Just place the soaked cotton on the wound for a few minutes to soften and remove the crust. Take care not be move the jewelry around
  • Gently cleanse out all the dried out scabs using the salt and water mix
  • Dry the pierced area very gently but do a thorough job. Use a soft tissue or cloth to do this. Keep the face clean all times
  • Consume vitamin B to speed up the healing process
  • Try not to touch the pierced area as this may result in infection
  • Refrain from removing the jewelry till the healing process is complete
  • Do not change the jewelry during this time period
  • Do leave the piercing without jewelry in it for more than 24 hours within 6 months of the piercing as this could close the piercing
  • Avoid application of cosmetics on the spot that has been pierced.






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