5 Things to Know Before Go for Piercing Baby Ears

In general, parents choose to pierce their little baby’s ears due to different reasons, most of the parents  prefer to pierce their baby’s ears at little age because they believe that  it is less  irritating as well as painful at a young age. Usually, parents price their baby’s ear due to some practical reasons, especially, it helps to reduce gender identification problems, piercing at a young age only cause less pain and baby also experience few moments of pain. Of course, a child will quickly forget that incident. Baby ear piercing is one of the traditional and cultural elements. Infant ear piercing is family custom.

piercing baby ears

Importance of baby’s ear piercing:

Baby ear piercing is something special, most of the parents perfectly fine and feels comfort after piercing their newborn baby’s ears. Before going to pierce your baby’s ear you must talk to your pediatrician to perform ear piercings at the right time.  At the same time, you need to choose the right equipment to handle working with newborns. Most of the parents searching for the best type of material for piercing baby ears.


Safety Tips

To pierce your baby’s ear in a safe manner you must consider the following tips.

  • First of all, you should choose the trained professionals to get pricing services for your newborn. The ear-piercing guns are not suitable as well as recommended for piercing your babies’ ears. If you choose ear gun to pierce your baby’s ear, then your baby will face higher risk due to infection.
  • Before piercing your baby’s ear you must consider consulting with pediatricians. They may give you a recommendation and advice to choose best piercing choices.
  • Once your baby’s ears pierced, you should choose gold earrings because it is important to lower your baby’s risk of having an allergic or any inflammable reaction. You must choose the gold earrings it is highly recommended for piercing baby ears.2b5dd19bac4786b58b47d810e04b8094

Guide to Take Care for Your Baby’s Pierced Ears

Usually, a baby will cry and feel irritation after having her and his ears pierced, so you just take proper actions to heal the affected site.  After baby ears pierced you will find redness, swelling, redness and inflammation around the area.

You need to take proper care of the newly pierced ears it is really important to reduce the risk of infection. At the same time, you need to take proper actions to quicken the healing process.


You should gently rotate the earrings to clean properly, try to do this process at least twice a day. You must clean back and front of the studs with rubbing alcohol or any antiseptic product

Avoid removing studs at least for six weeks because it is important to trigger the healing process. After 6 weeks you may change the earrings before that try to get advice from experts. The experts always recommended gold studs for piercing baby ears. It is important to prevent your baby from any infections.

piercing baby ears

After piercing the area becomes red so you should call your doctor right away to get rid of the sing of infection.

 Risk Factors Associated With Ear Piercing In Babies

After piercing your baby’s ears you will find below-mentioned reactions,

  • Infection:

After getting baby’s ears pierced, every parent needs to pay close attention to their baby’s ear to avoid signs of infection. Infection is one of the most common problems, most of the parents found this type of problems. In general, baby’s ear lobes can easily get infected when the earrings have any dirty posts. In order to avoid infections, you need to clean your baby’s ears with rubbing alcohol in a daily basis.

piercing baby ears

Periodically, you must contact your doctor to get proper advice.  If your baby’s ear becomes red you should pay close attention to get proper advice from your doctor. It is really important to protect your baby from different issues.


  • Allergic Reactions:

In many cases, baby faces allergic reaction, so you need to use proper metals in the earring. Usually, nickel leads many problems with your kid’s ears so try to choose nickel-free earrings.  Choosing 14 karat gold is the recommended choice for your baby’s ears.


  • Keloid Formation:

If you notice redness or any issues near the hole you must take proper care because Keloids occur and it will lead large scar tissues, so try to take proper medical treatment.


  • Choking Hazard:

If you decide to pierce your baby’s year you need to choose suitable earrings. it is important to avoid the choking hazard of earrings.  Improper choice of earring will lead the risk of tearing her earlobes during play.

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Importance of Choosing Best Piercing Earrings For Your Babies:

Choosing the right kind of piercing earring is really important, now you can find different types of earrings for your cute little baby. Online offer collection offers precious and medical grade metals that help to keep your baby’s ear protected. Choosing gold studs offer ultimate benefits and these are extremely gentle. Gold studs are recommended choice for piercing baby ears.

piercing baby ears

Most of the parents prefer studs for their kids because it is the practical choice of earrings. Surgical stainless steel studs are premium choices that offer ultimate comfort to your baby while playing. When it comes to choose studs for your baby you have a lot of choices such as 14k gold, platinum, titanium etc.

Proper Care And Cleaning

Taking proper care of your infant’s pierced ears is always essential.  Online stores also happy to offer appropriate selections of the baby ear piercing it help to trigger the healing process.

piercing baby ears

 Suitable Time To Piece Your Baby’s Ears:

Parents decide to pierce their baby’s ear depends on their beliefs and the customs. Usually, most of the parents consider piercing their baby’s ears are in the first or third year.  In many countries, parents pierce their baby’s ears after twelfth or thirteenth day after birth.  Usually, baby’s ears were pierced by family jewelers or the roadside vendors. Before going to pierce you baby’s ear you must consider the recommendations at the same time you must ensure to choose the right person with proper experience to piercing your baby’s ears properly by using sterilized equipment.  At present, most of the parents prefer doctor’s clinic for piercing baby ears. It is ideal choice to avoid all the difficulties. Choosing body piercing parlor or doctor’s clinic is the right choice because the experts pierce you baby’s ear in hygienic conditions.

piercing baby ears

How To Choose Right Earrings For Baby Piercing?

When it comes to buying earrings for your infant you just look for small ones made of gold or surgical steel, it is really important to protect your baby from different issues, but try to avoid picking very small studs, because it may go into the pierced area. In many cases, it will lead complications.

Choose the earrings with long posts because it supports for free movement of air, even it helps you to keep the area clean.

piercing baby ears

At the same time, you should choose earrings with good lock and grip. Ear piercing bit painful for your baby. In order to enhance quick healing process you need to take few precautions over the next few weeks it helps to keep your baby safe from any infections. Electroplate surgical stainless steel ear piercing balls or studs are highly suitable for piercing baby ears.

The gold earring is the best choice for every-day use, now safest ear piercing choices available that help to make your baby comfortable. So you can easily choose the best ear studs based on the standards and regulations.

piercing baby ears

When it comes to choose earrings for your baby you must consider quality craftsmanship. Always choose piercing earring post with ultra-thin because it helps to complete piercing smoothly without discomfort.

Choose the earring made of premium hypoallergenic metals which are really important that offer comfort to the baby. Most of the parents prefer earrings with highest international standards 14KT gold is one of the great choices. Now online stores also offer Medical Grade Stainless Steel earrings and 24KT Gold Plated studs for your baby. These are available at a reasonable rate, choosing Medical Grade Titanium is the safest choice.

piercing baby ears

Unique Destination To Find Ideal Ear Studs For Your Baby:

Now online offer different choices to choose best earrings for your infant, with the endless choices you can easily pick the right one.  First of all, you need to choose the best pair of earrings to do ear-piercing operations in the proper manner. Online is the ultimate platform to find the best type of earrings for your baby.  Moreover, online store also offers ultimate discount offers while purchasing ear studs for your baby.  Hence browse the latest collections of ear studs to pierce you baby ear. Before going to choose any kind of piercing studs for your baby you should take proper care and analyze some important details about the piercing material which is really important to protect your baby’s ear.

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