Comprehensive Information On Different Types Of Body Piercing For Girls

The demand for body piercing has been increasing at a constant pace not only among teenagers but even among adults. Being one of the most cost effective types of accessories available today, the piercing jewelries are worn by a huge number of people across the world. It has become the most effective way of expressing one’s personality and his/ her passion to look trendy. There are so many types of body piercing trends available today including


All these body piercings are popular among both the genders, but girls outnumber boys in wearing them. Let us see more about types of Piercing for Girl and some interesting facts related to them.

ear piercing

Ear Piercing for Girl:

Ear piercing is one of the most popular types of piercing tried out a huge number of girls. This ear lobe piercing is a widely accepted type of piercing. Most of the employers allow girls to wear a small earring in each lobe. The ear Piercing For Girl is classified into several types and they include

  • Scaffold
  • Tragus
  • Conch
  • Anti tragus
  • Ear lobe
  • Pinna
  • Industrial
  • Orbital
  • Snug
  • Industrial via rook
  • Daith


Though ear lobe piercing is the most traditional form of ear Piercing for Girl, the piercing done through the cartilage looks extravagant and stunning.



Nose piercing for Girl:

Nose piercing is another popular type of piercing which is done through specific equipment. In fact, getting the nose pierced is a part of culture and tradition among several countries across the world. The nose Piercing for Girl can be done anywhere on the nose and various types of jewelries such as captive bead ring, nose stud, curved barbell, straight barbell, nose hoop, L-shaped nose pin, nostril screw and horse shoe barbell are available for nose piercing. The different types of nose Piercing for Girl include


  • Nostril
  • Septum
  • Bridge
  • Nose tip
  • Nasallang
  • High nostril


Tongue piercing for Girl:

When compared to other types of piercing, tongue piercing is extremely diverse and peculiar in nature. Like other types of Piercing for Girl, the tongue piercing can also be done in several ways. Moreover, it is also possible to modify your as per your desire and preferences. As there are several arteries found in tongue, it is important to get tongue piercing only from the professionals. While piercing the tongue vertically is the most popular trend, you can also try several other styles such as


  • Uvula piercing
  • Tongue web piercing
  • Upper frenulum piercing
  • Gum piercing
  • Venom piercing
  • Horizontal tongue piercing
  • Smiley piercing
  • Frown piercing


Navel Piercing for Girl:

Navel piercing which is popularly called as belly button piercing is the sexiest piercing and is the most popular among women. This kind of Piercing for Girl is highly preferred by those girls who want to show their slim waist in the elegant manner. Several types of jewelries are available for belly button piercing and you can choose the one made with diverse materials such as steel, silver, gold, biplast, bioflex, etc. As belly button is one of the sensitive areas in our body, proper care should be taken until the piercing gets healed completely. Similar to other types of piercing, navel piercing is also classified into several types and they are as follows:

  • Upper vertical navel piercing
  • Lower vertical navel piercing
  • Vertical inverse navel piercing
  • True navel piercing
  • Horizontal navel piercing
  • Multi navel piercing


Lip piercing for Girl:

This is another type of Piercing for Girl which has developed a craze among ladies all over the world. Several modifications have been brought in this lip piercing trend. It is worth saying that the lip piercing is one of the most flexible forms of body piercing as several styles can be tried out without experiencing any hassle. Moreover, there are several types of body jewelries available for lip piercing and this is the major reason for girls to try out this piercing. The availability of different types of jewelry has made it easier for the girls to try out different styles. In fact, around 50 different styles are available in lip piercing and some of them are listed below:



  • Labret
  • Vertical labret
  • Angel bites
  • Monroe
  • Medusa
  • Snake bites
  • Spider bites
  • Cyber bites
  • Dolphin bytes
  • Shark bites
  • Canine bites
  • Dahlia bites


Eyebrow piercing for Girls:

Though eyes are considered to be the most sensitive part of the body, girls have also tried getting the areas around the eyes pierced. Eyebrow Piercing for Girl has become more popular among teen girls and adult women. You can add credit to your beautiful look with these eyebrow piercing. Actually, there are several ways to get your eyebrows pierced and there are also various types of jewelries available on the market today. You have jewelry options such as metal bead studs, spikes, straight barbells, curved barbells, ring, etc. to choose from. Some popular types of eye brow piercings are

  • Vertical piercing
  • Horizontal piercing
  • Spiral piercing
  • Tear drop
  • Crows feet
  • Butterfly kiss

Nipple Piercing for sexy girls:

Nipple piercing is quite popular among men and women and is one of the most attractive forms of piercing styles. This Piercing for Girl enhances the sensitivity of the nipple and makes you feel more pleasurable. As the size of the nipples is not the same for everyone, you should be very careful in choosing the jewelries. It is very hard to get your nipples pierced if you have small ones. In such cases, you need to seek the assistance from the professional.

No matter what type of piercing, you are opting for, it is important to follow the instructions given the professional to prevent side effects or infection. If you have a sensitive skin, it is highly recommended to opt for body piercing jewelries made with hypoallergenic material or something which does not contain nickel and other metals.



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