Get To Know Various Factors Determining Body Piercing Prices

Growing trends of body piercing:

While most people get different parts of their body pierced for self expression, the practice of body piercing dates back to ancient times. This custom was more popular in Greece, Rome and Egypt and it was done to showcase their status in the society and to banish evil spirits. However, in these modern days, people get their body pierced just for


the sake of fashion. In the past few years, the passion for body piercing has increased manifold among people and so, it has become very common to see folks with multiple nose, ear, lip and naval piercings. Though this trend has been growing faster among people, most people are worried about the piercing prices which incur the fee to the professional piercer as well as jewelry.

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Choose the piercing part carefully:

If you have planned to get your body pierced, then you should remember that specific parts of the body get healed much faster than others do. So, it is really worth to do some researches and discuss with the body piercing expert well in advance. If you have chosen a part which is highly susceptible to infection, then you need to spend more

piercing prices

money to treat the infection. Moreover, you should also be experiencing more pain in the pierced areas for several days. The amount which you spend for treating the infection may exceed the piercing prices charged by the professional for his service. So, it is extremely important to make a well informed decision before finalizing the area of piercing in your body.

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Make a well informed decision:

As already mentioned, the popularity of body piercing has become a mainstream for most people and they prefer sporting multiple ear rings and navel rings to show their passion for fashion. With numerous options available including surface piercings, facial piercing, etc. it is quite common for people to get confused easily. Making any

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decisions becomes even more daunting if you don’t have any idea about body piercings. However, the smartest way to determine the right kind of body piercing is to decide on its price factor. The body piercing prices vary a lot based on numerous factors such as


  • Where you are residing
  • The proximity to the major city
  • Kind of body piercing your prefer
  • Type of jewelry you want to wear
  • The experience of the body piercer

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Generally, the piercing prices will be higher if you have chosen the most complicated areas. You must remember that you will get something what you are paying for and so, it is important to choose the piercer based on his experience and not based on the charges made. If you find any piercer who charges you the lowest price, he may be


cutting the expenses in risky areas such as safety products and sterilization. So, it is important to discuss about body piercing prices with several body piercers before you get body pierced. After all risking your life just for the sake of fashion is not really worth.

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What to expect in terms of piercing cost?

First of all, you must realize that body piercing is a well trained skill. While getting your body pierced, you are not just paying the cost for the time taken to complete the piercing procedure, but are also paying for the training and skills of the professional body piercer. So, the cost of piercing will be higher if you approach an experienced and professional piercer than an inexperienced amateur. So, if you are likely to bargain on the piercing prices, then it is meant that you are risking your life. You can expect the cost of piercing for different parts of the body to be on the average of


  • Ears è$25-$50
  • Tongue è$45-$55
  • Nostril è$45-$55
  • Navel è$45-$55
  • Eyebrow è$40-$50
  • Labret è$50-$60
  • Nipple è$45-$55
  • Genital è$75-$100


Even though you can get a body piercing at the jewelry store or at the sketchy piercing parlor at lower piercing prices, the risk is extremely higher as the procedures followed in these places are not at all safe. There is also no guarantee that the things used for piercing are sterilized properly. Using unsterilized products for piercing leads to infection, scarring or even threatening of your life and so, you should be very careful while choosing the piercing studio.


Expensive And Inexpensive Body Piercing:

The body piercing prices depends greatly the parts of the body where you are getting pierced. If you have chosen the safest and easiest piercing, then the prices will be considerable low. If you have a low budget for body piercing, you can opt for earlobe piercing as it is the cheapest and the safest piercing choice over other types of body piercing. Even cartilage piercing is also inexpensive but healing process is really complicated.


You can try out other inexpensive options such as eyebrow piercing, lip piercing and nostril piercing, especially if your budget is low. If you want something difficult to perform, then the body piercing prices will be higher. You may be required to pay $30 to $50 for less complicated piercing and more than $100 for more complicated piercing. The genital piercing is the most expensive form of body piercing. So, before you get this kind of piercing, giving consideration to your budget is highly recommended.


Body piercing jewelry prices:

Not only the type of body piercing determines the cost, but even jewelry you choose to wear determines the body piercing prices. When you explore the body jewelry store, you could find jewelries made with a wide range of metals and materials such as gold, silver, steel, bioflex, bioplast, titanium, etc. If you have a low budget, you can opt for jewelries made with stainless steel. These body piercing jewelries are also an optimal choice for people with


sensitive skin as they do not contain allergic metals like nickel. Moreover, they are also very affordable and thereby letting you to save your money on overall body piercing prices. Usually, these jewelries come with certain embellishment that enhances your look incredibly.


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