20 Different styles of Play piercing: Defined

Have you heard of play piercing? Always wanted to know more , but were not sure where to go or whom to ask? Well this article will tell you more about this. We hope you will have a better understanding of this kind of piercing on reading this article.

Play piercing is also called needle play and some people also refer to it as recreational acupuncture is the type of piercing that is done for the fun of going through the process rather than having a body decoration that is permanent. The implements used for piercing like the needle or the sharpened bone that is used for this kind of play piercing will be removed once the process is finished and the wounds will be allowed to become better.

4-Play Piercing
People going in for play piercing do so as a means of self expression in an almost ritualistic way as a way of duplicating some tribal traditions or for the reason of discovery their spiritual pleasures or for enhancing their pleasure in sex or as a means of recreation or to raise the awareness of such things or to mitigate ennui.

Play piercing when it is a part of the sadomasochism kind of scenario is known to increase the production of natural endorphin kind of high. This could help people participating higher levels of orgasmic pleasure. This whole scenario of getting many piercings in a purely sexual or spiritual context is markedly very different from the kind of experience that people have in medical settings with phlebotomists. This may be so because the needle is pushed through the skin in one instance and both the ends are accessible instead of into the skin totally.

9-Play Piercing
Play piercing when done, care should be taken that only unused, clean and sterile hypodermic or acupuncture purpose needles are used. The skin if possible should be properly cleaned with antiseptic or some such solutions and should be done by people who are expertly trained in such things.

When not done properly or by using techniques that are not correct, it could result in the transmitting of illnesses that are borne by blood or wounds where the puncture is made. Proper procedure, proper care and proper implements will alleviate the chances of bruising. Care should be taken about the depth to which the needle is inserted.

17-Play Piercing
The needles may be put together and inserted during this process in designs that appeal like a smile or could be linked together to form a corset or temporary embellishments like a bell could be embroidered by using sterile thread. When the needle is twisted or when the needle is pulled could be the cause of a sensation that could be pleasurable to some.

One of the most  excessive form of play piercing is known as flesh hook suspension. In this a person is hung horizontally or vertically by a single or several hooks running through their skin. This ritual is sometimes used as a rite of passage in some cultures or is part of BDSM entertainment. It can also taken on some kind of dance routine with many people participating together while strung by flesh hooks. Some of the Play Piercing Examples are compiled here:

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2-Play Piercing

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