Helpful Tips for Pregnancy and Piercing Connection

Body piercing has become the trend among all the age groups. Body piercing is an art where the body is subjected to pain. The pain may vary from person to person however any decent studio will have a policy of not piercing or tattooing the pregnant women. The basic reason is that body is already under increased stress of adapting to the new born in your body. A piercing is basically a wound that your body would take time to heal which can some time.


Precautions to be noted while being Pregnant

Body piercing is painful for your body and bearing in mind the fact that body has new born to take care of this should be avoided.


  • The pregnant woman is always advised to remove the piercing as it hampers the growth of child.
  • The fact is if your body remains healthy during the pregnancy and you don’t suffer any major discomforts in that case the piercing can be retained however the doctor advise is important.

We should consider the following points while going for piercing


Many women assume that due to the pregnancy the belly will expand and the naval piercing will be removed. Normally the person can wear the original the jewellery till first trimester.


  • However when the belly grows you should visit the piercer who can provide the solution for the piercing and the same is not discomfort able during the pregnancy.
  • Navels piercings are the most painful piercings, and can take up to 2 years to heal.


One of the facts of the genital piercings is that this can stay in place also, even during delivery.  This issue should be discussed with the doctor and if the same is advised by the doctor should be removed immediately.


All Others

We know that body is going through such a change, that your piercings may react. The piercings are the trend that everyone like to follow however if the piercings shows red/yellow marks please consult the piercer to remove the piercing immediately as the scars are more painful than piercings.


Is Body Piercing Safe

The first question that appears in the mind of the people is that is body piercing safe. For body piercing we need to hire an experienced piercer who can handle the issues related to piercing. The main body part that is of concern is body piercing is belly piercing. Belly piercing is the cool trend however when the body is getting prepared for the baby the belly would expand and would go through lot of changes.


  • The question arises in mind of the pregnant ladies is that what will happen to my navel piercing during and after pregnancy? During the pregnancy the navel size would expand.
  • Some women with healed piercings have worn the jewellery without any discomforts. In some of the other cases the navel areal expands and flattens which makes the jewellery uncomfortable.

We should go for the Bio compatible jewellery that is more comfortable than the metal jewellery and easily can be worn during the pregnancy. After delivery the navel will return to its original shape but the skin may be loose which can cause the piercing to sag.

What jewellery should be worn during the pregnancy

The Biocompatible jewellery is suggested by piercers during the pregnancy. These materials jewellery can be cut to size and attachments.


  • The jewellery made up of this metal is comfortable and safe to use. While the baby bump is growing we should allow an extra length to allow for growth and comfort.
  • The piercing should be done taking all this points in mind and in the case piercing is not done before piercing the same should be avoided during the pregnancy.

Care of Piercing during Pregnancy

Piercing is the way to express ourselves the common concern among the people is whether to remove the piercings during the pregnancy. You may not be required to remove it however you may be required to visit the piercer for any issues that may hamper the growth of child. The solution that is available is to change the flexible bar.


  • The soft ring will take care of expansion and would not cause any irritation.
  • We should always take the note of colour of piercing and in the case the colour changes the same should be communicated to the piercer immediately.


In the case of caesarean section one should not remove the piercings as they can be taken care of. The exception is only in this case is the tongue piercing and can hamper the anesthist process. Going for the piercing is not the bad idea however one should take care of health and also the health of baby inside the belly. Sometime piercing will not affect the growth of the baby and in some cases scars have developed. So the same needs to be taken care of accordingly.

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