8 Best Rook Piercing Jewelry Worthwhile To Look At

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Rook piercing is a kind of perforation that especially targets the bottom part of antihelix, slightly above the tragus that is adorned with rook piercing jewelry. The procedure of rook piercing is comparatively more intricate to other perforation since the needle has to be passed through the harder surface. It is better to contact a specialized piercer for you to remain assured of his skills and appropriate sanitation. The complete part of the ear must be cleaned with alcohol. All required tools should be employed, must be new and also sterilized to make sure that communicable diseases are not acquired.

Rook Piercing Jewelry
The perforation is made also same as that made on other parts of the ear with cartilage. The piercer makes use of a clamp; however the rook piercing is done ideally with just hands to have better control. A large gauge, normally fourteen to sixteen gauge based on the size of cartilage, will be inserted into antihelix. In the lower part, a hollow

Rook Piercing Jewelry

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tube catches the end of the tool such that it doesn’t prick the face or any other part of the wear. As soon as the antihelix has been penetrated completely, the barbell earring is inserted and positioned properly. After placing the jewelry in a proper manner, the spot will be cleaned quickly to wipe off the blood thoroughly.

Rook Piercing Jewelry

Rook piercing jewelry

While choosing the best rook piercing jewelry, you need to ensure that space is enough for the piercing to heal. It is recommended that you prefer a barbell or captive bead ring so that it can move freely, having sufficient space for appropriate healing procedures. After it is healed completely, you can pick something that has a great charm on it. The cost of rook piercing jewelry is a main aspect in choosing the jewelry. The cost depends on the materials and design of the jewelry.

Rook Piercing Jewelry

Captive bead ring, which is also called as ball closure ring, captive ball or captive hoop ring, features a single bead bigger than the opening that enables the jewelry to fit comfortably. It is typically made of surgical stainless steel, niobium or titanium, so that it is safer from possible rusting that would aggravate the condition of piercing, resulting

Rook Piercing Jewelry

in life-threatening bodily infection. It is important to notify that the ball on the ring may be replaced with something that can flaunt its look, like a glass, gem, acrylic or ceramic, only if the wound is healed completely.

Rook Piercing Jewelry

CBR jewelry and barbell can be easily removed yet while placed; they hold its position securely. It would not also snag on your clothing or hand due to the rounded edges. While you choose a jewelry that can be removed easily, the time of healing would be lengthened due to the movement and frequent contact.


Have an insight on few of the adorable pieces of rook piercing jewelry that have been a popular purchase by piercing fanatics.


  • Sliding charm sterling silver captive bead ring

An exquisite sterling silver feather is designed to suspend delicately from this amazing captive bead ring. The feather charm that is crafted seamlessly moves around freely across the barbell. An excellent twist to an already beautiful piece of piercing jewelry that is suitable for almost any type of body piercing. This rook piercing jewelry is the must-have for anyone who is interested with body piercing. The barbell in this captive is made out of 316L surgical quality stainless steel and the feather charm is designed with sterling silver.

Rook Piercing Jewelry

  • Delicate rose sterling silver CBR

This captive bead ring is featured with a traditional look having something of a surprise grabbed at the close. The bead in this ring is an alluring little rose incorporating unisex style. Looking at such an elegant design in such a contemporary piece of jewelry, this CBR is definite to turn heads. It is more easy and convenient to clean even without removing it. This rook piercing jewelry is safer to use for new as well as healed piercings.


  • Micro spike horseshoe circular barbell

This wonderful piece of rook piercing jewelry could be an exceptional addition to your piercing jewelry collection. The 16g micro circular barbell featured in this jewelry is designed using 316L surgical grade stainless steel and completed in a striking 4mm spikes. This item is praised for being quality body jewelry

Rook Piercing Jewelry

  • Rose sterling silver circular barbell

This ideal circular barbell is perfect for most type of body piercing, which include belly, lip, eyebrow and all kinds of cartilage ear piercings. However, its use as rook piercing jewelry is popular widely. It has a pretty rose charm measuring 5 mm and is designed using a quality 925 sterling silver. The circular barbell is designed using surgical grade stainless steel for the purpose of safety.


  • Coiled snake sterling silver captive bead ring

This ideal piece of sterling silver CBR is adorned with a cute snake coiling around the barbell delicately. It has a great charm that is intended to move along the barbell, which offers this classic captive the required flair. This CBR is a suitable match for any wardrobe or mood. Captive bead rings are considered staple for majority of the piercing type and tend to work in almost all type of piercing made on the body.


  • Tribal blade sliding charm captive bead ring

The addition of a splash of tribal based edginess to this classic captive bead ring makes it a modern and ideal update to an already adoring item. The great standard 925 sterling silver charm is spruced up by tribal tattoos.


  • Dragon sterling silver circular barbell

This standout piece of circular barbell is perfect for rook piercing. It is featured with the cool dragon measuring 5 mm and is completed using a high-end sterling silver material. To ensure the safety of the jewelry, the circular barbell is made of surgical stainless steel. You can able to reveal a bold and daring look by wearing this dragon sterling silver rook piercing jewelry.

Rook Piercing Jewelry

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