8 Attractive Pieces of Smiley Piercing Jewelry You Must Look At

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Smiley piercing is a great way of complementing the wonderful set of teeth and the lips. Also referred to as frenulum or scrumper piercing, it is made on a very thin line of skin connecting the upper lip with the gum line. Getting done with smiley piercing has become popular in this modern culture with the first recorded instance occurred in the mid

smiley piercing jewelry

90s. Smiley piercing is made on the inner part of the upper lip, particularly on the frenulum. This frenulum is a thinner piece of tissue in the center of the inside of upper lip, joining your gum line and upper lip. This piercing is visible only if the wearer smiles. The smiley piercing jewelry won’t be visible if the wearer has a wider grin on the face.

smiley piercing jewelry
Smiley piercing jewelry

For most of the smiley piercing, the starter jewelry used is horse shoe bars or captive beaded rings. The standard size of smiley piercing jewelry is 16 to 18 gauges, which is not above half an inch in diameter. Few people prefer larger jewelry in order to make piercing visible every time. As this kind of piercing is more delicate, it is always better

smiley piercing jewelry

to opt for smaller jewelry. Studs and barbells can also be used. They are easy to hide and less visible. It is also more significant to choose materials, which don’t react with your skin like copper or titanium. You can explore a wide array of jewelry options available out there.

smiley piercing jewelry

The amazing fact about smiley piercing jewelry is that you can find a great amount of options. The starting size used often is a horseshoe ball or a small gauge captive bead ring. Majority of the piercing shops offer you a better starter set. Once you get healed, you are free to choose something more that suits your personal style. Your piercing


technician carry out the process with utmost attention, especially while positioning the jewelry. The placement is more important as you don’t wish to cause excessive rubbing to your gums or teeth. This is the greater risk with this kind of piercing. The piecing technician properly sets it such that the ball is placed well under your gum line. By this way, while you smile, it shows off your jewelry. It is of course, the term smiley arises.

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smiley piercing jewelry

The healing time for smiley piercing usually takes about 1 to 3 months. The pain typically last for three to four weeks. During the time of healing, it is more significant that you wash your mouth for minimum twice in a day along with mouthwash. As smiley piercing is positioned in a very sensitive and unusual area, it is essential to manage its healing with complete care.


Let’s check around for the most popular jewelry options for smiley piercing,

  • Amethyst purple crystal hoop horseshoe barbell custom ring 16g

This could be an iconic addition to your piercing jewelry collection. It is made of the materials including 316L surgical steel, hypoallergenic, amethyst purple and Swarovski crystal. The amethyst purple crystal adds more charm to this smiley piercing jewelry that further increases the appeal of the wearer. As the jewelry is made of surgical grade stainless steel, there is no threat of infection to the piercing area.


  • Surgical steel Horseshoe ring

This high quality body jewelry is an exceptional piece of smiley piercing jewelry that is worth buying when you are about to get done with smiley piercing. The dark blue color of this piercing jewelry is a great highlight for this item that makes your face graceful when you smile while wearing it. Never miss to buy this exotic piece of jewelry if you want to raise eyebrows with your body piercing.


  • Smiley clicker ring

This smiley clicker ring is a perfect, alluring loop of sparkle that is made of solid, 14k gold. The top portion of the hoop swings open on a minute pin and again clicks shut for easy taking on and off. It is a great suit for smiley piercing and also a suitable daily wear piece that brings body jewelry to next level.


  • Captive bead hoop rings

Upgrade your piercing jewelry collection with this elegant high polish steel captive bead ring made of 316L stainless steel. Though you can use this sleek piece of jewelry for varying kinds of body piercing including septum, daith, eyebrow, helix and earlobe, its use for smiley piercing is mostly adorable.


  • Black onyx hoop 16G horseshoe barbell

This hard, yet sleek black onyx hoop horseshoe barbell is really worth trying for your smiley piercing. You need not concern about infection on your piercing area as the material of this smiley piercing jewelry is hypoallergenic 316L surgical steel that will absolutely add a bright appeal on your facial feature.

smiley piercing jewelry

  • 14k solid gold septum ring

This 14k solid septum ring forms a perfect smiley piercing jewelry, especially for those who are interested in wearing gold jewelry. This simple gold ring will be a special addition of elegance on your face, particularly when you have smiley piercing and smile. It is well known that gold material will not lead to any sort of infection, thus it is a perfect option for smiley piercing specifically as it is a bit painful and likely to take number of weeks for healing.

smiley piercing jewelry

  • Surgical steel horseshoe ring

The color of this item is an alluring as it features multi rainbow setting with stainless steel as the material. This superior quality body jewelry must be your foremost option whenever you decide having smiley piercing. The multiple rainbow color will bring special attraction on your face, hence you should never miss trying it out.

smiley piercing jewelry

  • Tiger eye stone hoop

This is really a great pick for smiley piercing though it is chosen widely as a piercing jewelry for other body piercings like lip piercing, helix piercing, and belly button piercing and so on. This smiley piercing jewelry has a tiger eye stone and the material is hypoallergenic surgical steel horseshoe barbell.

smiley piercing jewelry


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