Have a Strange Look by Snake Eye Piercing

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To show your uniqueness among other people with your stylish looks means, then piercing is one of the best methods. Piercing will change your lifestyle by giving a modern look. There are enormous number of piercing is available for the pierce lovers. Among the various types of piercing, the snake eyes piercing plays a major role. In general, the snake eyes piercing is otherwise known as venom piercing or viper piercing. When a pierce is in horizontal will go around the way of the tongue tip, with a small barbell moving through all the ways of the width of the tongue. Eventhough this much of works involved internally, but when you see it externally, it will look like surface piercing. That will give the appearance of having a separate form of piercing on both the sides of the tongue.3-pics-snake-eyes-piercing



Appearance of snake eye piercing:

  • By hearing its name itself, everyone can able to simply guess that, it will be in the form of the snake eyes.
  • Totally, it will change your charisma by having a viper look in your tongue.
  • When you see the eyes of the snake, it will look like a two metal balls places on the top of its head, taking that as an example, the snake eyes piercing had emerged.
  • Here in the snake eyes piercing, one has uses the barbell to have a support on the tongue.
  • After the barbell has inserted into the tongue, then at the corners two metal balls are inserted to have a snake eyes appearance in the tongue.
  • In the two metal balls, there would be a gems will be found which has made too small, since, the big gems may cause pain, or uncomfortable for the users to handle or carry it.
  • To avoid the damages in the teeth, the acrylic is used with the balls on the barbell, which will finally give the output of the metal balls.

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What is the purpose of snake eye piercing?

  • Nowadays in this modern world, the standard tongue piercing has become common and everyone has started to use that type of piercing.
  • But when you come to the snake eyes piercing, it is still very strange.
  • The snake eyes piercing is not used by everyone, because it is having an unusual look.
  • Even the pierce lover does not prefer the snake eyes piercing.
  • Eventhough, the snake eyes piercing is strange; it is very much popular in the social media sites.
  • The snake eyes piercing is done rarely to the peoples, because of its unawareness.
  • But today, the usage of snake eyes piercing is increasing day by day with the trend changing.
  • So you can try the snake eyes piercing very boldly to get a strange look and show your uniqueness among other simple tongue piercing.
  • The main reason of major growth in the tongue piercing is because, when people have a tongue pierce they will get a feel of having fun and playing with the sweets or chewing gums in the mouth.
  • If you have a snake eyes piercing means then sure you will get a feel of chewing a gum without any added sugars.




snake eye peircing

Procedures of snake eye piercing:

  • Initially, you must choose the best piercer because only a good piercer can check your tongue completely and give you the best suggestions.
  • In those suggestions, he will find whether your tongue fits to the snake eyes piercing or not.
  • Because most of the tongues will not suitable for the snake eyes piercing.
  • The people whose tongue is very thin should not even think about the snake eyes piercing.
  • Only the thick tongues are having the potential to get a snake eyes piercing than thin tongues.
  • And then he will give you the advice of how to handle it.
  • Basically the process of snake eyes piercing is not a painful one that it just like a give you feel of biting a tongue for few minutes.
  • The piercer will carefully hold your tongue tightly to move forwards your tongue together.
  • They will be more careful at the time of piercing became the tongue will be surrounded with the major veins.
  • The piercer will pierce in your tongue by carefully pointing out your vein.





Steps of snake eye piercing:

  • At first, a hollow piercing needle will be inserted into your tongue which helps in inserting the barbell into your tongue.
  • The barbell may be curved or straight according to your tongue position.
  • It will be inserted through the rounded corner of the needle.
  • To stop the swelling at the time of snake eyes piercing, the barbell will be little bit longer than simple ideal.
  • After the process snake eyes piercing gets over, within few weeks you must return to your piercer, who will change your barbell.
  • Don’t be too smart to do this process of changing barbell by yourself.
  • Since the piercing will always cause health, eventhough you have done it with perfection.
  • So leave the barbell changing process to the professional piercer, because it may cause more damage.






How to take care of snake eye piercing:

  • The snake eyes piercing will almost takes 4 to 8 weeks to restore your health; at that time you must take care of it very carefully.
  • Generally, the tongue piercings are very fast to heal and also it is very easy one to handle.
  • You also must always concentrate on one thing that the snake eyes piercing is a form of surface piercing, so it may migrate from one place to other than other forms of piercing.
  • So at the time of having foods you must be more careful than other types of piercing.
  • It is also advised after having the snake eyes piercing, you can eat soft items like bread, cakes etc for a few days.

snake eye piercing

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