20 Spider Bites Piercing Examples

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The piercing of lips is something that has picked up a lot in popularity and more and more people are into this type of body modification. Many a time a ring or a stud would be put to fit in the skin of the lip. There are many ways in which the lip may be pierced. The way these names are rather unique and is basically derived from the way the piercing looks or based on the particular location of the piercing.

spider bite piercing
One such type of lip piercing is the spider bites. This type of piercing can be described as to two piercings on the side of the lower lip or the upper lip or on both of them and these are placed quite near to each other. This piercing has become quite a hit with the younger folk. You can either do both the piercings at the same time or do them at different times to allow for healing.

spider bite piercing (2)
We all know that piercings on the face have a specific look and spider bites is quite a unique one even among them. The way this piercing is done create a look that is akin a mark that you would get on your skin when you have been bitten by a spider. You will have two rings placed close together in this kind of lip piercings. It could be either on the upper lip or the lower lip. Many people who go for this kind of piercing go for the lower lip and the use of rings is also more preferred than the use of studs in terms of the jewelry that is used.

spider bite piercing (4)
For quite some time the piercing called spider bites was more popular with men, but in recent times women have also started going in for this and we can see a significant increase in this trend. It is also true that you will find the piercing taking on a more creative take when it is done by women. But one of the main things that people consider and think about is how much this type of piercing is going to hurt. You have to know that any piercing is bound to hurt and one in a sensitive area like the lip is going to be really painful. But if you manage to take good care, you can keep it within manageable limits. The time for healing and the pain will naturally differ depending on the person’s health and pain bearing capabilities.

spider bite piercing (7)

  • You need to take care and focus on certain aspects for it to heal well.
  • You should take care not to touch the piercing while the area is still tender.
  • Make sure to clean your hands before proceeding to touch the piercing when required.
  • Keep away from any unsanitary practice during the healing process.

The cost of getting a spider bites piercing will depend on the place you get it from and the type of jewelry you prefer. But do consider that saving on costs may result in poor hygiene and improper piercing processes. Do not compromise on something that can cause you a lot of problems later on in terms of pain, infections and other complications.

spider bite piercing (9)
If you are committed to actually moving forward with a spider bites piercing, do consider all aspects and also consider the time you have to invest in the after care of the piercing before moving forward. Do your homework, be diligent about picking out the right piercer and be very certain before going ahead, you are also well advised to talk to people who have had such piercings before taking the final step.  Here is some examples of Spider Bites Piercing:

spider bite piercing (1)

spider bite piercing (3)

spider bite piercing (5)

spider bite piercing (6)

spider bite piercing (8)

spider bite piercing (10)

spider bite piercing (11)

spider bite piercing (12)

spider bite piercing (13)

spider bite piercing (14)

spider bite piercing (15)

spider bite piercing (16)

spider bite piercing (17)

spider bite piercing (18)

spider bite piercing (19)

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