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If you have decided to buy steel pendants, then you have unlimited choices. They are available in a wide range of choices in terms of quality, size and designs. Among so many choices available, the steel pendants are extremely affordable and their price depends greatly on their size and quality. You can buy pendant online as the websites are loaded with lots and lots of choices to choose from. You don’t have to rush for making a well informed decision.

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In fact, you can take plenty of time to compare various pendants and pick up the ideal one for you. The steel pendants are available in numerous designs ranging from simple classic ones to elaborate fashionable ones. After analyzing the options available, you can choose the one based on your preferences. Now, we can see pendants in popular designs and styles.

steel pendant
Stainless steel pendant in ring style:

The stainless steel pendant in ring style features brilliant and unique design that will be tempting to every individual who wants to make a style statement this season. This pendant in made with 316L grade stainless steel which is highly renowned for its extreme durability. With brilliant design and perfect polishing, these pendants are


extremely durable, long lasting and strong enough to withstand rugged usage as well. They are not only comfortable to wear but are also easy to care of it. You will get a complementary chain that can be modified to suit your preferences. You can also pair up this pendant with your own chain as well. This Steel Pendant includes carving of the name Jesus on it and this made the pendant an optimal choice for everyone.

steel pendant

  • Top grade 316L stainless steel
  • Durable and strong
  • Need for low maintenance
  • Complementary chain

heart shape steel pendant

Hollow stainless steel photo locket pendant:

If you want pendant in unique design to showcase your passion for fashion, then you can opt for a photo locket pendant made with stain steel. In fact, top grade 316L stainless steel is used for manufacturing this pendant. The unique thing about this Steel Pendant is that it boasts hollow design. This means that you can add photo of your friends or family in the hollow space. The diameter of this pendant is 30mm. This locket pendant comes with floral carving which lets you to wear it even without adding any photo to it. Made this stainless steel, this pendant even goes with chain made of white gold or silver. You can get this kind of pendant with various floral designs to choose from.


  • Pendant is of 30mm diameter
  • Photo locket pendant
  • Stainless steel
  • Perfect to be paired with silver chain


Floating charm memory stainless steel locket pendant:

Everyone is dreaming about showing uniqueness in what they are wearing. Stainless Steel Pendant is not an exception in this. When you explore online, you will find floating charm memory locket pendant made with different types of stainless steels such as aurora stainless steel, golden stainless steel, rose golden stainless and black stainless


steel. Apart from stainless steel, clear glass is also used to give this pendant a unique look. The steel locket pendant is of 25mm in diameter which is more than enough to put any personal things into it. You will also get a matching chain with it to wear the pendant along with it. The chain you receive will have the same tone as that of the pendant. The chain will be of 24 inches in length which is more than enough to wear around your neck.

steel pendant

  • Clear glass and top quality steel
  • Locket pendant
  • Lengthy chain
  • Available in four different shades
  • Stainless steel

Steel pendants

Stainless Steel Lover Couples Pendant Set:

This kind of pendant sets is an optimal choice for lover couples who can show off their love for each other by wearing them. This Steel Pendant is appropriate for everyday wear and also serves as a perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day, etc. You will get two pieces of pendants made with high quality stainless steel and leather. They feature unique design and special structure which makes them a popular choice for lover and married couples. They definitely make you look elegant, charmer and attractive. Rhinestones embedded in this Steel Pendant enhance its beauty. It comes with I Love U carving on it.

Steel Pendants

  • 2 pcs of pendants
  • Stainless steel pendant
  • Perfect gift for lover
  • Rhinestones embedded
  • PU leather chain
  • I Love U carving

Steel Pendants

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 Stainless steel angel wing pendant:

If you are a kind of person who wants everything to be unique and innovative and don’t want to compromise on the quality, then you can opt for angel wing Steel Pendant. This pendant set is made of stainless steel and leather. This titanium stainless steel pendant is perfect to be worn with any outfit that reveals out the gothic style. The chain is

Steel Pendants

made of high quality leather in black color, which is of 42 cm in length. The pendant constitutes around 3.5cm which is more than enough to visible clearly. The pendant has intricate details of angel wings which are the most attractive features of this pendant set. You can pair up this pendant to chain of any other metal such as silver to look elegant and stylish. This Steel Pendant serves as a perfect gift if the receiver is a fanatic of gothic style.

steel pendant

  • Stainless steel pendant
  • PU leather chain
  • Gothic style
  • Angel wing style

steel pendant


Jewelries have been a great fascination for both men and women and still, they hold a special place in everyone’s heart. Pendants are something special that they have the ability of changing one’s look instantly. While there are pendants made with expensive metals, the demand for cost-effective Steel Pendant has been on the rise in this tough economic times. The stainless steel pendants set are highly preferred by teen girls and boys who have love for fashion. As numerous choices available online, you are sure to get spoilt by the choices available.

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