Choose Surgical Steel Body Piercing Jewelry for Skin’s Health

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Do you wish to adorn yourself by wearing fashionable and unique body jewelry? If so, you must be able to aware of the most types that are available and that are most durable and safest. You should also be attentive about being specific and choosy about the metal on which your preferred body jewelry is made of. Surgical steel is considered as

Surgical steel ringsthe premium grade metal and as suggested by the name, it is often employed in the medical profession, where safety and hygiene are at a maximum. One of the striking features of body jewelries made of Surgical steel is that they can avoid possible skin irritations as well as painful infections from wearing cheap and plated pieces. Teenagers

Surgical steel pendants

show great interest in wearing this kind of jewelry, whenever they are desirous of piercing their body, but without the fear of getting allergic reactions on skin from metals present in the steel alloy.

Surgical steel, the best metal to try

Since people show different allergic reactions to different metals, it is not like a one size fits all solution. Surgical steel is cheap and good metal when it comes to concerning about the skin’s reaction to piercing jewelry. It is also a

Surgical steel bars

contemporary type of metal that teenagers show preference than any other metal of body piercing jewelry. The surgical steel piercing jewelry has something for all kinds of body piercing and also any styles literally. You can find hundreds of distinct steel pieces to cater to your every requirement, right from piercing essentials like steel barbells and surgical steel Banana bells to eye-catchy surgical steel rings.

Surgical steel

About stainless surgical steel

Stainless steels can be categorized into 4 general classes, according to their composition. The steel that comes under 200 series contains nickerl, manganese and chromium. Those of 300 series include nickel and chromium, 400 series have chromium and steel that comes under 500 series have reduced chromium. Of all the steel types, the 300 series

 Surgical Steel

steels are considered as the most corrosion resistant and thus their popularity for body jewelry and medical implants. Normally, three types of steel are used for making body jewelry. It includes 316VM Surgical steel, 316L surgical steel and composition D implantation steel. Though these premium grades tend to include nickel, they don’t

Surgical steel

let nickel salts into the body and also don’t cause contact nickel dermatitis. All body jewelries made of steel supplied by the body jewelry meet certain criteria set by the appropriate authority and can be indefinitely used throughout the world for piercing applications. Surgical stainless steels are utilized for bone fixation screws, bone plates, body pins, bone nails, total joint prosthetics, staples and many others.

Surgical steel

Variety of surgical steel body jewelry

More like traditional jewelry, the surgical steel piercing jewelry comes in several distinct styles, price ranges and compositions. The highly common is gold or gold plated. Glass, plastic and organic is the other types that you would come across when you are set to buy body jewelry. Steel and silver are also popular. These metals are relatively

Surgical steel

simple for jewelry craftsmen to handle with; hence you are likely to find a lot of these in the market. But, what has to be understood is which are good and safest for your skin, your health and your piercings. Generally, plated pieces are most vulnerable to giving your skin unwanted issues and infections. Plastic and glass may seem to be the safer items

Surgical steel

than plated ones; however they are not as durable as those types of body jewelry made out of surgical steel. The variety of surgical stainless steel jewelry include ball closure rings, barbells, circular barbells, labret studs, body spirals, ear jewelry, chains, nipple shields, eyebrow bars, septum piercing jewelry and nose jewelry.

Surgical steel

Durability of surgical stainless steel

Steel is one of the highly durable metals you can buy. Above all, surgical steel is much stronger; hence the item you purchase will last for long years. Different other types of body jewelry will tarnish, fade or chip. This is particularly true with silver, plastic and plated gold. Provided their other risks, the plated items in specific will not offer you any sort of long lasting value.

Surgical steel

Reasonable cost of surgical steel

Body jewelry can be bought for the price for as less as one dollar and few pieces studded with precious stones even cost several hundred dollars. When you are on a budget, buying Surgical steel is the ideal option. You can also get a durable and a good looking piece for few dollars. Furthermore, items made out of this kind of steel are made

Surgical steel

available for any part of the body. As it is rising in popularity, you can explore more and more collection of unique and interesting designs. Wholesale stainless surgical steel body jewelry can be easily found online and they typically provide a wide variety of items for a reduced cost per piece.

Surgical steel

Surgical steel, best in avoiding piercing infections

As discussed above, surgical steels works wonder by not creating any kind of skin problems and infections as with any other metals of the piercing jewelry. Wearing surgical steel earrings for sensitive ears is absolutely safer as it will cause no skin irritations or painful to the wearer. In fact, this is the specialty of surgical stainless steel

Surgical steel

piercing jewelry and hence it is named as surgical steel, as in the medical field steel of maximum quality grade are only employed as operating instruments. You can always rest assure about the surgical steel earrings safe and consider opting for it for all your body piercing expectations.

Surgical steel

Of all the different varieties of the body piercing jewelry available, Surgical steel recommended as one of the most economical and safest options. Generally, you can buy pieces within the price range of 15 to 20 dollars, without the threat of skin infections or irritations from lesser grade metals. Additionally, items developed from this kind of steel tend to last lifetime. You can definitely expect to wear a trendy, fashionable item that you can enjoy wearing for years.

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