Explore The Benefits And Various Types Of Titanium Jewelry

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All about body piercing jewelry:

In the recent times, the popularity of body jewelry has been growing at a faster pace as everyone is running behind fashion and trends. It is a kind of self expression such as tattooing and other applications. Though there are several types of body jewelries available, the most popular ones are bellybutton rings, labret jewelry and cartilage jewelry.

Titanium Jewelry
These body jewelries are available in different types of metals but Titanium jewelry is the most popular option. This metal is really great as it is hypoallergenic and is completely non reactive with any bodily fluids. It does not provoke any allergic reaction as that of gold with nickel content.

Titanium Jewelry bar

Benefits Of Titanium Jewelry:

  • Titanium is extremely strong and lightweight metal and is perfect to be used for body jewelry. Titanium jewelry is extremely popular as it is very practical, extremely bio-compatible and available in a wide range of designs. They make you feel more comfortable and are appropriate for people who have allergy to other metals.

Titanium Jewelry loop

  • As it is highly bio-compatible, it does not irritate your skin but reduces the healing time. If you are already wearing a body piercing jewelry but are not satisfied with those jewelry pieces, you can go with Titanium body jewelry purchased from the reputed manufacturer or supplier.

Titanium Jewelry for ear

  • Jewelries made with G23 Titanium are extremely bio-compatible and so, it is widely used for medical implants such as pacemakers, surgical pins and knee replacements. This clearly proves that this metal does not lead to any side effect or cause any irritation to your skin.

Titanium Jewelry

  • Another added advantage of Titanium is that it is durable, strong and lightweight. It is certainly a great option if you are willing to wear large titanium body piercing jewelry. It is lighter and so, you will not feel any discomfort and strain on the piercing.

Titanium Jewelry material

So, titanium jewelries are:

  • Non- irritating
  • Very durable and stronger
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Brilliant biocompatibility
  • Perfect with Reduced healing times
  • Lighter yet stronger than steel
  • Apt to be Anodized for creating other colors

Titanium Jewelry silver

Colored titanium jewelry:

One of the most excellent features of Titanium jewelries is that they can be made in different colors through the process of anodization. These Colored Titanium body jewelries are PVD coated, especially for achieving different colors by passing different levels of current through it. Though this process creates a fine colored coating, it does not impede the biocompatibility of this metal. You can make sure that even PVD coated Titanium jewelry has the same properties and provide comfy feel as regular Titanium jewelry.

Titanium Jewelry

These anodized titanium jewelries are extremely popular among fashion oriented individuals as these ornaments look wonderful on anyone. Similar to a typical Titanium jewelry, these colored jewelries also boast lovely shine and are skin friendly. It provides you with all the comfort of titanium jewelries with a wide range of color options. However, the most popular hues of PVD coated titanium jewelries include pink, green, blue and purple. Of course, these jewelries can be produced in different other colors by simply pasting a different voltage through the metal.

Titanium Jewelry loop

Blackline Body Jewellery:

Black titanium body jewelry is also a special type of colored titanium jewelries. It comes with a black coating along with biocompatible qualities and strength of titanium. The black coating on this PVD titanium looks very elegant and trendy.  Blackline jewelry is highly recommended for those people who have allergies to metals as

Titanium Jewelry bar

these jewelries do not cause any sort of irritation to the wearers. For this reason, the experts recommend wearing blackline body jewelry for initial piercing and for those areas where it takes long time for healing. As that of a plain Titanium jewelry, these black coated jewelries are also lightweight and durable. Even the black coating remains in optimal condition for longer time.

Titanium Jewelry

Zircon Gold Body Jewelry:

This kind of Titanium jewelry is made out of PVD titanium with gold coating. It renders glamorous look in combination with real gold, low price and titanium. Like other PVD titanium jewelries, this Zircon Gold Titanium jewelry is also biocompatible and does not irritate the skin. It is also appropriate option for initial body piercing as

Titanium Jewelry

it comes with shortened healing time when compared to steel and other kind of metals.  This gold jewelry is extremely strong, durable and lightweight. This zircon gold Titanium jewelry is recommended for new piercing and sensitive piercing and also for those individuals who have no experience in wearing jewelries in other metals.

Titanium Jewelry

Titanium Belly Bars:

As already mentioned, titanium is highly recognized for its strength and low weight. Though there are several types of titanium jewelries available in the market, there is a great demand for titanium belly bars. It is also biocompatible and does not cause any irritation even if you wear it in sensitive area. They are available in different colors, different sizes and different lengths and so, you can choose the one based on your requirement and budget. Apart from belly bars, you will also find ear piercing Titanium jewelry, labret jewelries and cartilage jewelries made with titanium metal.

Titanium Jewelry

Where to buy Titanium jewelry:

The best place to buy Titanium jewelry is to explore the online market. The manufacturers are ever ready to ship the products to any corner of the world. Titanium, the white metal can be used for making jewelry pieces which are phenomenal and sleep to look at. The designers are using this kind of metal exclusively for their characteristics such as durable, malleable and strength to make stunning Titanium piercing jewelry. Earlier, titanium was used

Titanium Jewelry

profusely for designing men’s jewelry but now, it has been used for making body jewelries for men and women as well. The experts are utilizing their creativity to make fabulous jewelry by embedding precious stones such as pearls, crystals, diamonds, etc. These stones are highly visible on titanium metal when compared to silver, gold or platinum. The professional designers are enjoying the task of designing Titanium jewelry. You can explore all their collections only if you purchase these jewelries online.


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