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Why Tongue Piercing Will Change Your Life

Another type of piercing which is getting more popular these is tongue piercing. This is one of the most contemporary styles of piercing which you will see with many rock lovers, pop stars and college students. One must take time to give it more consideration before finalizing about having a tongue piercing, but once you have made up your mind and decided to have it, there are many things which you need to know about this type of piercing before going for it. Here are some important things about tongue piercing.

Prior to Piercing


Ideas for Tongue piercing

There are varieties of tongue rings available to wear. Of all the modifications you could do in a body, tongue piercing is one of the most comfortably hidden but oomph creating piercing. Some of the types or ideas for having it are as follows.

Placement of Piercing

One should be very well aware about the placement of tongue piercing. Most of the time you will notice that tongues is actually pierced at the centre of the tongue. Usually a barbell is put into the hold as it is the most famous type of jewellery used nowadays. When you are deciding about placing your jewellery piece and performing piercing, you must consider where it is going in relation to your teeth’s. You don’t want your piercing to constantly hit you teeth’s as it can actually affect your teeth’s some way or the other. Also if the piece of jewellery is way forward on the tongue than you may experience problem in talking. So it is very important to place the piercing in best possible way carefully so that you don’t have to deal with such problems.

Piercing Care

After getting any type of piercing, post piercing care is very essential to keep any infections from affecting your body part. It is important to keep your mouth clean and healthy for about 4-5 weeks. The mouth needs a special care for some time; this could be done by using mouth cleaners which the doctors recommend. Also you need to eat much less chewy food and drink more water and juices. While eating also you need to take proper care of your piercing that it should not touch the teeth or the food for some days. You may prefer taking juice diet for some time; it also helps keeping you healthy.

Eating with Piercing

Never mess with heavy food which requires more chewing. At least for 4-5 weeks you need to be on a special diet and avoid eating or chewing more. Some of the times, you may start developing more swelling on the tongue area and it may start hurting you while eating. One of the best things to do at the time of swelling is to suck on ice or eat some popsicles quickly. If the swelling gets worse and you see signs of more pain and discoloration or you feel uncomfortable while eating, it is highly advised to quickly consult a skin doctor.

Post piercing

After the piercing, it is strongly advised not to smoke or kiss. Proper cleaning is required frequently because mouth is full of bacteria. Although saliva is full of bacteria and an open wound of piercing may start causing an infection. With an open wound like tongue piercing, there are more chances of getting various diseases. So tongue piercing requires serious precautions.

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