8 Best Tongue Piercing Jewelry You Must Try

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Body piercings have become common across the world. Among every other type of body piercing, tongue piercing is considered as the most famous kind of body modifications. As a suitable adornment for tongue piercing, tongue piercing jewelry come in a range of materials and varying gauges. Those who have their tongues pierced frequently enjoy purchasing an array of jewelry to spruce up the personals style or while heading out for different occasion. The barbell that was used during initial piercing is quite longer than other average tongue rings. The tongue requires additional room to suitably accommodate swelling during the process of healing. Consumers buy shorter barbells once the tongue heals.


Tongue rings and its types

Tongue piercings or tongue rings are not a new modern craze. Tongue rings are available in a wide array of styles, sizes, shapes and also lengths. There are even few that come featured with interesting additional features, like glowing in the dark tongue rings. Tongue rings are typically a barbell with a bead attached on both the ends and while choosing one, it is necessary to take into account the ring’s weight, the barbell’s length and width. A tongue ring that is heavier can lead to tissue damage that in turn can cause infection, particularly when the piercing is fresh. Finding the perfect tongue ring is imperative to protect the health of the piercing individual’s mouth.


tongue piercing jewelry is found made using different kinds of materials. Some are stronger and convenient than others. Few people prefer changing their tongue jewelry from one kind to another. The typical materials include titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver, bone, acrylic, gold and pyrex glass.

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Buying the right quality tongue ring

Inspecting the material’s quality of a tongue ring is the simplest technique to avoid choosing one that was crafted out of a metal that could damage the wearer’s tongue with an infection. The metal tongue rings are made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel, titanium or 14k gold. Tongue rings that are made of non-metals like acrylic plastic and bioplast are safer by means of quality, although not best for men and women having sensitive skin.


Tongue rings with additional features

Since tongue rings are a common piece of jewelry, there is virtually no restriction to the available amount of options, from barbells with beads to colored models in a novelty shape. Few manufacturers have incorporated unique features to include novelty and excitement to the rings. Vibrating tongue rings have been popular equally as other tongue rings and it is no wrong using them as long as they are available in proper size and quality material.


Popular options for tongue piercing jewelry

  • Classic Ying Yang acrylic barbell tongue ring

This is truly an excellent choice of tongue piercing jewelry that is made of acrylic and surgical steel material. You are sure to feel comfortable on wearing this barbell tongue ring as the barbell material is made of surgical steel that will cause no infection on the piercing area. It is must-have item in your piercing jewelry collection that is worth buying to adorn your body piercing.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

  • Surgical steel straight barbell

This is a top quality straight barbell tongue piercing jewelry made of surgical stainless steel. You can find barbell in different lengths and gauges to meet your body piercing requirements. The barbell is featured with external metric threads and it is completed in 5mm balls. The barbells are also polished to a mirror shine that will instantly turn heads.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

  • Monster steel ball straight barbell

Have you wished to make the impression of having a low gauge piercing but not wanted to experience the severe pain? Your chance is here. This is a unique 316L stainless steel barbell material that is completed with large sized 8 mm balls. It is a very unusual and cool barbell suitable for tongue piercing.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

  • Cubic zirconia stainless steel gem tongue ring barbell

This barbell will make an ideal addition for women with their tongue pierced. It is also a fun piece of tongue ring in silver color with a clear gem at the top. The barbell holds the gem securely so that it does not comes out when it is inside the mouth. The barbell is smoothly placed in the mouth. It is easy to make a style statement with this fun barbell by displaying the style and elegance it has. This tongue piercing jewelry has a prefect gauge length for anyone to wear.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

  • Thrasher Koosh micro vibrating tongue ring

Develop a sensation on wearing this lightweight and stainless steel vibrating tongue ring. The vibrating cylinder of this amazing ring is incorporated with a flexible silicone koosh pink cover for having great fun and comfort. The modern generation of these iconic vibration rings are designed full of innovation. The compact cylinder stores the powerful cylinder and provides about fifteen minutes of storing vibration to revitalize any boring night. The double tone, intense cover has a great appeal and is absolute to turn more than a few heads.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

  • Sparkling round enamel gem tongue ring piercing barbell

Are you a lovely woman who adores a bit of sparkle? You might be probably familiar with quite some line of flashy jewelry around your neck and on your hands. Do you ever think about tongue? If you are an individual who loves grabbing the attention of world on you, this tongue ring piercing barbell is the perfect choice for you. This dazzling tongue piercing jewelry is suitable for any flirty girly-girl and you will definitely find that it remains as a show-stopper regardless of where you head out for. It is both fashionable and comfortable for any girl who adores her jewelry.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

  • Edgy skull surgical steel tongue ring barbell

This is an innovative skull barbell that adds a classic and edgy touch to any kind of tongue piercing. Developed from best-quality surgical steel, this skull displays a striking black enamel and polished finish accent on the nose and eyes.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

  • Simple heart surgical steel tongue ring

Bold yet simple, this surgical tongue piercing jewelry features a perfectly shaped heart. Its attractive silver color of surgical steel offers this fashionable tongue ring with a monochromatic look.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry 14 Tongue Piercing Jewelry

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