Top 7 Tragus Piercing Jewelry With Brilliant Designs

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Tragus piercing is now regarded as the most common kind of ear piercing preferred by majority of piercing enthusiasts. Ear piercings are quite familiar form of body piercings, in which tragus piercings remain as the fresh expression of the ordinary ear lobe piercings. The tragus is a thick small piece of cartilage that projects out from ear canal. Tragus ear piercing is a favorite choice for facial beautification. It allows the piercing enthusiasts to look better by wearing a wonderful piece of tragus piercing jewelry.

Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Tragus jewelry is made available as ear studs, tribal ear rings and silver ear rings. If you want tragus or ear studs in gems, you can consider choosing ear studs with gem, tragus clear heart gem ear studs and clear marquee gem ear studs. The choice of materials for your piercing jewelry includes stainless steel, gold, acrylic, platinum and several more. In the recent days, tragus steel and gold body piercing jewelry has turned out to be popular. Silver or platinum ear lobe jewelry with colorful stones in it looks beautiful.

Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Tragus piercing jewelry types

  • There are different kinds of tragus piercing jewelry that include circular barbell, body rings and many other kinds of ear piercing jewelry such as acrylic body jewelry.
  • f you are looking for expensive choice of material, you can consider opting for barbell with diamond studs.
  • If you want, you can also get plain silver ear rings with stones, bar and coil closure rings and all other kinds of captive body rings. An exclusive piece of tragus jewelry will improve the looks of your face.

Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Tragus jewelry designs

Tragus jewelry is worn on the cartilage portion of the ears that forms the head part of ear, which is closer to the face. Normally, the tragus jewelry comes in the design of straight studs; however captive bead rings or spherical barbells can also be worn as tragus piercing jewelry. Tragus jewelry is available in many different patterns and styles from the very simple to more extravagant and different metals are used for the manufacturing of this kind of jewelry, like titanium, steel, gold, silver, etc.

Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Tragus jewelry is available in the form of hoops, studs and cuffs. A great range of options are taken into account to suit the style of individual allowing for a personal and unique appeal. Thus, accentuate your look with exotic piece of tragus earrings and cartilage jewelry.

Tragus is the little flap of cartilage in front part of your ear. Pick from different styles in 14kt gold, .925 sterling silver, 316L and bioplast surgical steel.

Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Popular tragus piercing jewel designs

  • 14k gold plated classic prong tragus cartilage earring

Wear this tragus cartilage earring and reveal a vintage inspired style along with a sparkling class featuring an adoring clear cubic zirconia gem set in an antique-style prong setting. The long straight barbell measures ΒΌ inches that excellently support the cartilage earring design which is made out of 14k yellow gold plated on 316L surgical grade stainless steel and features a 3mm ball end for securing the body jewelry in the pierced ear.


  • 16 gauge abalone shell lotus tragus cartilage piercing jewelry

Mix up serene spirituality with nature with 16 gauge tragus earring that features a magical abalone shell instilled with an admiring lotus flower design that stands out as the point of attraction. The straight barbell measures 6mm length that is made out of durable surgical grade stainless steel. This barbell earring suits great for multiple kinds of cartilage ear piercings.


  • Blue faux 16 gauge opal elephant dangle tragus piercing jewelry

Transform your look completely with this divine fashion style featuring 16 gauge dangle tragus cartilage earring. It is a barbell earring consists of straight barbell measuring 6mm in length that is also made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel and greatly support the suspending design of gorgeous elephant charm with attractive blue faux gem set fixed on its belly.


  • 16 gauge classic prong aqua CZ tragus cartilage earring

Your style is sure to be transformed with this aqua classic prong set tragus piercing jewelry. It resembles antique style design that is made from superior quality stainless steel. There is a ball at the end in order to support the body jewelry. If it is first time you are getting tragus piercing, it is worth try wearing this tragus earring that will make eyes stare at you.


  • 16 gauge crystal tragus cartilage piercing

For achieving dazzle galore, this tragus cartilage stud earring is featured with multiple aurora crystals that remain as the highlighting point for the whole stud. On the other side present 6mm stainless steel barbell that is featured with colorful and adoring gem covered ball.


  • 16 gauge aqua gem elephant design tragus cartilage piercing

You need not have to as wiser as an elephant to experience the awesome style exhibited while you check out this admiring piece of 16 gauge tragus cartilage piercing. The long straight barbell measuring 6mm holds the cartilage jewelry together which is made of 316L stainless steel of surgical grade that remains as the highlight of this barbell piercing jewelry with lucky elephant charm featuring brilliant aqua gem.


  • 16 gauge clear gem paved blue tragus piercing jewelry

Reveal your vibrant styling sense with some additional sparkle by means of this 16 gauge straight barbell holding the body jewelry together made of high-end surgical stainless steel which supports the major attraction of this barbell earring- the oval shaped clear and blue gem set stud. The blend of blue and white clear gem is certain to admire everyone who looks at you wearing this enchanting tragus jewelry.


  • 16 gauge sterling silver eye cartilage tragus piercing

This is an ideal piece of tragus piercing jewelry featuring blue eye ball that is set to bring a touch of mystery to your appeal. Made out of quality sterling silver, this cartilage tragus earring can also be worn for multiple piercings, which include conch, rook, helix and lobe.
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