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20 Styles of Viper Bite Piercings

Well , first of all the we must all agree that names given to lip piercings are indeed very interesting like the snake bites, the spider bites among others. But one of the most fascinating names is the viper bite piercing. This may due to the fact that in nature vipers are considered as one of the most vicious and most venomous of snakes. Having a lip piercing named after this deadly creature seems to be quite appropriate and also adventuresome

What is a viper bite piercing?  A viper piercing is quite similar to the spider bites which is two piercings on the side of the lower lips but the difference in viper bites is that the piercings are wide apart. Like many lip area piercings, the viper bite piercings also need to be handled with care once the actual process of piercing is done.  You need to be careful in terms of avoiding kissing during the healing period and also even avoiding touching the piercing area as much as possible till the healing process is complete.

Some people who get a viper bite piercing done on one side of the lip make it look even more realistic by wearing rings or jewelry that makes it look really like the fangs of a viper or some other snake. Some have gone for the double fang look and gotten a viper bite piercing on each side of the lip. This in a sense balances out the look and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the viper bite piercing.

As you know that there is a certain pain factor that is involved in any kind of piercing and whether you feel that the piercing is worth the pain is really up to you. But one thing we can tell you that once you get it done your viper bite will really get you a lot of attention. Here is some more styles for Viper Bite Piercing:

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