Find Valuable Details on Achieving Weight Loss through Body Piercing

Body piercing has been known to show positive results when it comes to weight loss. People prefer piercing over different diet pills containing harmful chemicals and lead to side effects. Following exercise plan and a diet is a difficult task and it is the more reason why people seek for alternative ways to reduce body weight. Ear piercing for weight loss has increased in popularity as a perfect option to help those striving to lose weight. Ear piercing for weight loss involves quite more pain than getting an ordinary piercing on ears. It can be better referred to as ear stapling. The purpose of stapling ear is to assist easing out hunger pains, reduce appetite and help in weight loss.

Ear piercing for weight loss

The staples that are left in your ears for many months apparently curb your appetite resulting in weight loss. Since ear piercing for weight loss becomes growingly popular, it is more significant now that you understand the benefits of this procedure,

  • You can remove for about ten days and put back again until the patients targeted weight loss is achieved.
  • It is a quick procedure that can be done easily and the staple is not visible since it is on the inner part of the ear.
  • You need to incorporate any changes in your lifestyle as your appetite will be effectively curbed,
  • This procedure not only seems better for weight loss, but can also aid people quit smoking, handle stress, find a sound night sleep and help with migraines.

Ear piercing for weight loss

If you really wonder what is ear stapling, it involves using a tiny stainless steel device that is placed in the inner cartilage of ear focusing particular ear reflex points to effectively target weight loss, tension, stress and smoking cessation. The piercing works by forcing or applying pressure on a particular ear reflex point of the ear. It transfers a signal to brain, giving you a satisfied feel and avoids cravings for food, tobacco and sugar. Another point successfully reduces stress and help with TMJ and headaches.

Ear piercing for weight loss

Duration of the effect

The effectiveness of the piercing lasts for an average of two to four months, but it is not same in all cases and is individualized. Most people don’t need reapplication since the body has adapted balance and other healthier habits while getting the initial application. It is recommended for seven to fourteen days before making replacement.

The average weight loss that is reported is three to four pounds per week for women and five pounds per week in case of men. Those who include a healthy exercise habits and diet to their regimen will experience additional benefits.

Ear piercing for weight loss

How ear piercing is beneficial for weight loss?

The ear, in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is considered as a micro-system having points that pair up with certain vital parts of the body. It is possible to curb one’s appetite the sooner needles are inserted into those points. Overeating and binging can be prevented when your metabolism can be fastened.

Ear piercing for weight loss

You will experience calming effect since endorphins are secreted after carrying out ear piercing for weight loss. One’s anxiety, stress and frustration are also relieved by means of these endorphins. Ear piercing is a latest version of ear acupuncture. Same as that of needles, this kind of piercing also stimulates the same spots but by means of the use of laser.

Ear piercing for weight loss

Hormonal and digestive systems are also impacted by the endorphins released during ear acupuncture for losing weight by rebalancing them. The metabolism is thus slowed down when your determination to stay away from eating unhealthy foods and overeating is fortified.

Ear piercing for weight loss

Improving the effectiveness of ear piercing for fat loss

With a tack before the piercing of a needle, the piercing points on the ear are first stimulated. A magnet or bead is then taped on to the point allowing the augmentation of its efficiency once the needle is inserted. The patient is needed to apply a little pressure to the magnet or bead if he or she feels hungry during the process of treatment. By this way, endorphins will be released aiding the patient to curb the appetite. The efficacy of ear piercing for weight loss treatment does not refer that it a miracle or cure-all. A regular exercise regimen and healthy diet must be added for losing weight with piercing. Chinese breathing techniques and herbal treatment are combined with ear piercing for best results.

Ear piercing for weight loss

Purported results of weight loss from piercing

Ear piercing supposedly curbs your appetite that is turn leads to weight loss. There are also other claims related to ear piercing is that it can assist you quit smoking, relieve migraines and also curtail hot flashes during menopause. But, there is no strong science fact to prove that ear piercing helps in losing weight. Proponents of ear piercing often emphasize the significance of exercise-weight loss and diet techniques that will work irrespective when you had your ears pierced or not. The practitioners of ear piercing and stapling suggest leaving the staple in for about 2 or 3 months, and in the mean time, the ears should be cleaned often to avoid infection.

Ear piercing for weight loss


Ear piercing for weight loss treatment can really be the way out to your weight gain problem and the treatment has proven in some cases to be more effective. This could aid you reach your weight loss objectives quickly and easily more than you assumed particularly combining with other practices like exercise routine and diet.


Whether you gain weight loss success or not, it depends on you to judge. The procedure of ear piercing or ear stapling must only be entrusted over the professionals. Particularly, while getting ear piercing for weight loss, it is always recommended that you get it done after consulting with health professional. As with any piercing, there is a limited risk of infection involved with it. You should seek ear stapling from someone who is aware of the risks and the ways to get rid of the problems.

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