Winter’s Hottest Body Jewellery Trends: Embrace the Chill with Killer Style

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Winter is coming, As the days grow shorter and colder, it’s time to plan your winter wardrobe, including updating your body jewellery collection. Embracing the fashion trends of 2022, current styles draw inspiration from various decades, encouraging everyone to express themselves boldly and authentically. The choices are diverse, ranging from vibrant neon baggy blazers and nostalgic vintage pieces to sophisticated monotone suits. Whether you prefer a minimalist and neutral look or enjoy experimenting with an eclectic mix-and-match styles, we offer a wide array of body jewellery designs that perfectly complement your aesthetic. So, we are the ultimate destination to explore if you’re looking for the latest and trendiest styles of rock during the coldest months of the year.

Below, we’ve compiled a selection of our favourite body jewellery styles for winter of 2022/2023. These designs are curated to perfectly align with the latest fashion trends and cater to various preferences and aesthetics. Whether you’re seeking subtle elegance or bold statements, these winter-inspired body jewellery pieces will elevate your style and add a touch of flair to your look during the chilly months ahead.

Diamonds: A Timeless Friend for All

In the dynamic world of fashion, one thing remains constant: diamonds are forever in vogue. Embracing this eternal appeal, we present an extensive collection of designs that blend the timeless allure of diamonds with modern sophistication.

Our charm jewellery showcases genuine diamonds that are ethically sourced, catering to those seeking a touch of elegance with a conscious choice. Explore our sleek and abstract diamond pieces, such as the Diamond Bar or Diamond Halo designs, for a contemporary twist.

Vintage enthusiasts will delight in our classic prong-set diamond jewellery, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Our bold diamond pieces adorned with milgrain texture also pay homage to the Art Deco era, exuding a captivating vintage charm.

With many options available, we ensure you find the perfect diamond jewellery that resonates with your style, combining the everlasting beauty of diamonds with a contemporary flair to elevate your fashion statement.

Climbing leaf cartilage earrings

For those who lean towards the neutral side of 2023 fashion, the latest addition, the Climbing Leaf Cartilage Earrings, is a perfect match. Drawing inspiration from beloved houseplants like ferns or Monstera Deliciosa, these charming earrings add a touch of whimsy while exuding a sense of sophistication.

You can wear these delightful earrings in your auricle or as flat earrings, and they pair beautifully with other sleek cartilage earring styles, such as seamless hoops or solid gold bars. Embrace the unmatched theme of 2020 by experimenting with mixing and matching various gold colours. This allows you to maintain the desired neutral aesthetic while incorporating other trendy elements. With these versatile options, you can curate a unique style that reflects your individuality and stays true to the neutral elegance of 2023 fashion.

Colorful gemstones

In today’s fashion landscape, a beautiful balance exists between contrasting styles. While some are attracted to more subdued and muted colours, others crave the vibrancy of brighter and bolder looks. Fortunately, we cater to both preferences.

If you’re drawn to the neon trend and seeking to make a statement, colourful gemstones are the perfect solution. They add that extra brilliance to your outfit, whether rocking 2000s-style low-rise jeans and bright cotton t-shirts or opting for a sleek monotone ensemble. Incorporating a colourful genuine gemstone into your piercing aesthetic will delightfully capture attention.

We offer an extensive range of options to accommodate any desire or budget. From captivating-coloured diamonds to genuine birthstones representing each month’s unique charm and tinted cubic zirconia gemstones, you’ll find the perfect gemstone to elevate your style and express your individuality. Embrace the yin and yang of fashion by blending muted and bright elements, and let these stunning gemstones highlight your distinctive and fashion-forward look.

Fill your ears with hoops

Multiple cartilage and ear piercings have taken the fashion world by storm this season, gracing catwalks worldwide. Models showcased a mix-and-match approach, combining various charms with the spotlight firmly on hoop earrings as a must-have piercing style.

Our store caters to all your hoop earring desires, offering a wide array of styles to adorn your ears with this winter. From elegant diamond-paved gold hoops, chic dangling cubic zirconia designs, and captivating captive bead rings with charming accents, you’ll discover the perfect fashion-forward pieces to express your unique style.

We have a solution for those looking to achieve the hoop look without committing to a new piercing. Add a chain accessory to your cartilage stud earring, and you’ll accomplish the hoop effect at a much lower cost. With our diverse collection of hoop styles and creative options, you can effortlessly elevate your ear game and embrace the latest trend seen on runways around the globe.

Fill your septum with something unique

This year, septum piercings have emerged as a major fashion trend, gaining mainstream acceptance and shedding their association with alternative styles. They are now elevated to high fashion, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

We offer a stunning collection of gorgeous and unique septum-piercing jewellery to make the most of this rising trend. Embrace your individuality with super cute charm captive bead rings that add a playful touch to your look. For those seeking unmatched sparkle, our diamond hoops will captivate all eyes. If you prefer intricate designs that stand out, we have a variety of eye-catching septum hoops that are sure to make a statement.

Gone are the days when septum piercings needed to be subtle; now is the time to embrace this stylish trend with outstanding septum hoop designs fully. Discover the perfect septum piercing jewellery that complements your style and allows you to express your personality confidently. Embrace the newfound appreciation for septum piercings in high fashion, and let your nose adornment be a beautiful reflection of your unique self.

Opt for the classic look of pearls.

Every woman’s closet should have two timeless essentials: a little black dress and a collection of pearls. Among their versatility, pearls hold a unique charm during the winter season. The creamy white hue perfectly complements the winter aesthetic, and when incorporated into body jewellery, they add a touch of elegance even beneath a cosy knit hat. An added benefit is their smooth surface reduces the likelihood of catching on scarves or other warm winter clothing.

Pearls effortlessly complement the baggy 80s-style blazers that have become a staple in modern business casual attire. Whether adorning your cartilage, lip, nose, or eyebrow, the classic pearl style brings a sense of classic sophistication to your look. With their enduring appeal and ability to elevate any outfit, pearls exude a refined grace that transcends time and fashion trends.

Incorporate pearls into your winter wardrobe and experience the timeless beauty and sophistication they lend to your overall style. From formal occasions to everyday ensembles, pearls effortlessly elevate any look and add elegance to your appearance.

Don’t let the cold weather stop your body jewellery from shining bright! Embrace the new year, 2023, by putting away your summer styles and updating your look with our stunning body jewellery collection. Even when bundled up, your jewellery can still be a dazzling statement piece, adding a touch of flair to your winter outfits. Discover our store’s the latest and trendiest designs and let your body jewellery shine throughout the chilly season and beyond.

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