20 Ultimate Ideas of Wrist Piercing

As you are very much aware body piercing has really become a hot topic with many forums and venues with more information coming out about it. It is like it was in the past when not much was not known about the various types of piercing possibilities. Today the information on the Internet and more of a global culture has ensured us that most of us know a little about many different types of piercings. In this article, we will tell you a little about what wrist piercing is all about.

1-Wrist Piercing
The wrist piercing as the name suggests is a piercing on the surface area of the wrist. It was made popular in the first instance by Jon Cobb in the magazine Piercing Fans International Quarterly. These are type of piercing that are only on the surface. Which in turn means that the risk of rejection as well as migration is more, so more care has to be given to the proper measurement and placement.  Since the wrist is a part of our body that is in constant motion , the risk of rejection is more. What is more the chances of irritation occurring are also more as clothing may catch on it or even daily objects may touch upon it causing irritation.

3-Wrist Piercing
If you have gotten a wrist piercing, it is better that you wear clothing that has shorter sleeves or even simple clothing that is easier to put on or remove like singlets. This will ensure that the barbell on the surface does not get caught on the threads from the clothing. One more thing is that wrist piercings require the use of a special tool which will help in hooking the other side of the surface barbell on the upper side. So no home or self trying procedures will work for a wrist piercing.

6-Wrist Piercing
Once you have gotten a wrist piercing, you would be told that you need to dip and moisten the wound in a solution made of salt and clean water. This will keep the infections away and also prevent bacteria from gaining entry to the wound which may not clot for a while. The wrist piercing could take as much as half a year or more to heal but may also heal within a couple of weeks.

8-Wrist Piercing
The kind of jewelry work on Wrist Piercings: Since it is a surface piercing, specially made jewelry is used to ensure that the risk is less in terms of migration of the piercing or rejection. Barbells with bars that are made of flexible materials like Teflon or tygon is used or surface bars may also be used. These can be used in the short term as well as for long term usage.

12-Wrist Piercing
The more suited would be the ones made of titanium to ensure that skin is not irritated as it does not have nickel. A good quality wrist piercing will take place in two stages using different bars. One of them with long rises to be used at the piercing time to be comfortable around the swelling that occurs initially. Then the use of a second bar that has shorter rises and balls that are a few millimeters from the skin that can be put in when the healing process takes place.  These examples of Wrist Piercing may help you :

2-Wrist Piercing

4-Wrist Piercing

5-Wrist Piercing

7-Wrist Piercing

9-Wrist Piercing

10-Wrist Piercing

11-Wrist Piercing

13-Wrist Piercing

15-Wrist Piercing

16-Wrist Piercing

17-Wrist Piercing

18-Wrist Piercing

19-Wrist Piercing

20-Wrist Piercing

21-Wrist Piercing

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