11 Vital Tips For Aftercare Of Body Piercings

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We are sure that when you get a body piercing the first inclination is to be excited and the next instinct is to show it off. While this is all fine and you need to enjoy the first excitement of the body piercing, you also need to remember that your body is dealing with the invasion of its flesh with your latest decoration.

So what is essential at this stage is to concentrate on complete healing, which in turn means good aftercare to help the process along. You need to concentrate more on this if the fistula has not formed. Avoid wearing dirty garments or those that are tight around the pierced area. The hands need to be kept absolutely clean and the use of disinfectant is vital before touching the pierced area as hands tend to be carriers of bacteria. It is good sense not to touch the pierced area unless absolutely required as the healing process is taking place.

The musts of aftercare for body piercings

  • You must ensure that your hands are really clean and to this end, wash them well and frequently. You may inadvertently touch the pierced area and if your hands are  not clean this could cause problems and chances of bacterial infections
  • Take and keep lotion of antibacterial properties with you all the time. Do keep applying this lotion once you have washed your hands
  • Ensure that the clothes that you wear are clean and totally allow for breathing especially around the pierced area. Cotton is one fabric that lets the skin breathWash Your Hands
  • Ensure that the place you sleep is really clean to alleviate chances of  bacterial spreading
  • Consume a good and healthy diet that includes green and fresh vegetables, plenty of fruits as a good diet will help speed up the healing process
  • Take a shower instead of going for a bath as these tend to let some of the dirty water touch upon your skin. This could cause harm to the body piercing. This can be avoided by taking a shower.large_platinum-body-jewelry-navel-rings-diamond

The time taken by a body piercing to heal:

  1. Earlobe piercing – 1-1.5 months
  2. Ear cartilage piercing – 4-12 months
  3. Piercing on the eyebrow – 1-1.5 months
  4. Piercing on the nostril  – 2 -4 months
  5. Nasal septum piercing  – 6-8 months
  6. Piercing on the lip – 2-3 months
  7. Tongue piercing – 1 month
  8. Nipple piercing – 3-6 months
  9. Belly button piercing – 4-12 months
  10. Male genitalia piercing – 1 – 6 months
  11. Female genitalia piercing – 1-2.5 months


The things to avoid during aftercare of body piercing:

  • Avoid removing the piercing as the healing is taking place. Do not use ointments that have not been recommended for usage. These may affect or slow down the healing process.
  • Do not hang anything on the piercing or pull or tug at it till the body piercing is fully healed. Sleep in positions that will avoid pressure on the body piercing
  • Stay away from the compulsion to overly clean the body piercing. It is better for you to follow the instructions as prescribed to you. As sometimes the overuse of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide will cause the killing of good bacterial which can aid in the healing process or cause undue dryness leading to pain.Take-Care-of-Your-New-Mouth-Piercing-Step-10
  • Avoid hanging out at places that is used by many like the spa, the Jacuzzi or the swimming pool where the water could increase the chances of bacterial spreading and infecting the piercing.
  • Try and keep away from body fluids and skin of others. This means refrain from touching and kissing that can cause the spreading of bacterial infections.







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